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Immersive Pilot Module

A chamber wherein a pilot is housed. The pilot is kept in place by harnesses, and hooked up to breathing machines. The pilot is often in what is essentially a drysuit, and then the chamber is flooded with a slightly-more-viscous-than-water fluid. The pilot is also connected to the machine via a Pilot's plug.


To reduce g-force's and other impacts' effects on a pilot. Coupled with the pilot's plug, the pilot has near unparalelled control of their vehicle, essentially becoming it. Used in tanks, fighter planes, bikes, FSPs and other fast vehicles or ones expected to take hits.


Assemblers. Requires no special equipment or resources to make.
Access & Availability
Somewhat accessible. Crude variants are used widely, but properly advanced modules are less so.
In itself, not very complex. The component techs, notably the pilot's plug, are somewhat complex though. Miniturized enough to fit in a bike, and the chamber to be just bigger than a human.
Developed in the late 2500s. While the technology to make similar things still existed prior, the technology just wasn't needed yet, and only in the 2500s could the chamber be minituarized enough to fit into most vehicles.
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