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AB-FSP (eibi:efesbi:)

A style of vehicle, common within more developed regions of space. Autonomous Bipedal Fire Support Platform. A big mech, carrying heavy weapons and armour. Used for sieges, heavy fire support, as well as very rugged terrain, too rough for even tanks. Essentially a chunky AT-ST mixed with an Imperial Knight or Metal Gear Rex.

Power Generation

Internal fusion reactor, uses the atmosphere for fuel. Has powerbanks just in case.


Two legs. In addition, the mech has various thrusters in order to not fall over from impact.

Weapons & Armament

The main weapons are mounted on two hardpoints. These hardpoints can be equipped with;
  • A heavy railgun, primarily used in anti-armour roles.
  • Plasma cannon, also used for AT, but capable as well as anti-infantry and against fortifications.
  • Missile pods, long-range AT or AA
  • Twin-linked explosive autocannons, anti-infantry and suppression.
  • In addition, the mech has a heavy laser turret on top, as well as several point-defense lasers on various points. It also has micromissile pods.  


    As the mechs have variable armament, common variants have emerged, equipped with specific weapons.  

    The Cautren variant, named after Sanna Cautren, original main designer of the AB-FSP design, which has a railgun as well as the twin-linked cannons. The most common variant.

    The Sigen variant, named after Konrad Sigen, who pioneered the development of long-range platforms in general, equipped with the missile pods and railgun, for very long-range assault.

    The Icarus variant, named after the mythological character, which takes two missile pods with SAM missiles, and replaces the micromissiles with faster and longer range SAM missiles, and the top turret with a faster-firing laser turret.

    The Berserk variant, which puts two arms with Layered Chain Blades on them, to act as a melee mech of sorts. To that end, it also increases the shielding and speed at the cost of some point-defense and the micromissiles.

    The Executor variant, a markedly high-tech one, with more shield layers, and two plasma cannons. Absolutely devastating, but more expensive to build and maintain. Popular on Endured Wrath, mainly for the lack of anything to get in the way.

      There's plenty more variants, but outside these ones, most just are simply different weapon layouts, and these ones got popular.

    Armor and defense

    Heavy armour, most often Carbon-Interlaced Aluminium Alloy. Also dual-layer Shields.

    Additional & auxiliary systems

    The pilot is housed within an Immersive Pilot Module. From there, they are heavily protected and can control the vehicle with extreme precision.
    Big mech, Discount Metal Gear
    Somewhat rare, more common closer to the core.
    Related Technologies
    Complement / Crew

    Cover image: Kriegsmaschine Firing Position by MadToxin


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