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Endured Wrath

A planet engulfed in constant war, Endured Wrath is a wasteland, with cities built upon the ruins of other cities, themselves having been built on the ruins of yet older cities. The reason for this is the planet's proximity to Earth, the strategic location it is in, and its resource-rich nature. Most other planets in the Epsilon Indi system aren't much better off, but Endured Wrath easily got the worst of it. Once, the planet was called Domain Beyond Earth, before that simply Epsilon Indi Ac.  
"War is rough, you know that. Planets being destroyed is not rare at all. Convento, Hurte IV, Valonpilke, Endured Wrath. All of these planets have suffered destruction at the hands of some invader or another. Ak'Thakra is no exception."


A terrestrial planet with no natural life, the planet has a roughly earth-like gravity, at 1.08g, and an Earth-like atmosphere. Oceans were present, having made up some 2/5 of the surface area. There was a moon in orbit, but nowadays it is more of a large asteroid, as it has been split, bombarded, mined, weaponized, and everything in between.   A collection of tens of thousands of objects, morbidly nicknamed the Diamond Shell, sits in orbit. At first glance, it seems like a shell of shining diamonds, hence the name, but this betrays its true nature. In reality, the shell is made up of the remnants of thousands and thousands of habitats, stations and defense platforms. They have accumulated there over the course of hundreds of years. Some even shine with a bright red-ish orange, having been annihilated relatively recently.


There was once an ecosystem and biosphere. The planet was partially terraformed in the past, though the constant devastation has wrecked the biosphere. The biosphere was Earth-like, with plants and animals imported from Earth.

Localized Phenomena

The planet is withstanding constant battle, for it is in a critically important location. These wars have lasted for half a millenium, and involved nearly every major, and minor, power in the region.   This has lead to high levels of radiation in places, dust storms elsewhere, rampaging swarms of nanomachines, wrecked cities and forts, wandering killbots, and all manner of horrible things caused by constant war. The ozone layer has been pierced to shreds, the magnetic field is warped, a tenth of the surface is molten rock and ash, all in all; "Shit's fucked, man."

Natural Resources

The planet has large stores of many heavy metals, and it is also in a spot perfect for manufacturing FTL drive fuel. This, combined with its strategic location, has lead to the constant warring over the planet.


Discovered very early, in 2046, the planet was among the first wave of colony ships to be sent out of the Sol system, along with ships to other systems like Proxima Centauri or Epsilon Eridani. First settlers were aboard the Boundless Expanse, arriving in 2232. From there, the planet developed, sent settlers to other bodies in the system, and a few second-wave ships to other star systems, as was standard.   Eventually, in 2342, the STUN reached out to the colony. By then, the first few wars had been waged on the planet. The STUN's offer of allegiance was rejected, and they sent a warfleet to subdue the colony, which arrived in 2379. While the planet had been preparing however, other powers both in-system and not had attacked and severy hampered the defensive effort. When the ASTUN fleet arrived, headed by one Misha Volnoi, they wiped out the opposing fleets without much effort. They established forward bases, and started preparing proper invasion operations in the system.   Despite their best efforts, they could never permanently conquer the planet, since both the planet's forces and other, now powerful forces were putting up a heavy fight. This situation continued all the way into the 2600s, when FTL travel was succesfully developed. Now, the various forces in play deployed even larger fleets and armies, leading the planet's state to decline much faster.   The formation of The Coalition of a thousand Free Worlds has lead to even more warfare, as Endured Wrath is a vital location for many reasons. The bloodshed does not look like it's ending anytime soon.


Yeah, no.
Alternative Name(s)
Domain Beyond Earth, Epsilon Indi Ac, generic war world
"The planet of Domain Beyond Earth, colloquially known as Endured Wrath is an example of humanity's worst excesses. The sheer apocalyptic destruction on the world is like nothing ever seen before, even serving as a test site for devastating weapons.   And yet, people live there. Millions, even. They die en masse, defending a city, getting destroyed along with their habitat, or just stepping on a mine in one of the many wastelands. But they return.More come, and the population endures. It endures the wrath of man.   The world is a microcosm of our nature, persistent yet destructive."
— Kie Lason, Development of Human Culture vol.3
"Sometimes the worst disasters are ones we inflict upon ourselves."
— Unknown


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