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Ak'Thakra (ˈɑk.ˈtʼɑkra)

A tidally locked world in the Rakt'Akla star system, 2nd from the sun. Is the unofficial capital of the Omega-Aurutka-Rakt'Akla cluster, largely due to being a fourth-generation colony with fairly advanced technology for the region. Especially notably for both being a naturally life-bearing planet, with a human-breathable atmosphere no less, as well as for its Antimatter industry, being the only producer within the nearest 50 lightyears. Population: 466 million.


Tidally locked; one side desert, one side icy hell, and a slice of balanced and habitable land. One of the rare worlds among the less than a hundred naturally earthlike worlds discovered by humanity. Nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere.


The habitable zone is covered in life, reminiscent of prehistoric earth.

Localized Phenomena

Tidally locked to its parent star. As such, the side facing it is a barren, scorched wasteland, and the side facing away is a frozen wasteland. A band of habitable climate is in between.


Settled in the 2510s before ftl was invented. Though the planet was among the highly sought-after earthlike worlds, due to its location on the edge of human space, it was never a subject of large-scale settlement. Still, the planet does have a respectable population, at 166 million.
Alternative Name(s)
Discount Arrakis/tatooine
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