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Void Traveller

An interstellar tradeship, built in 2259, before FTL, and long since abandoned. Current home of Nex. Grounded in 2522. Powered by an large fusion reactor.

Purpose / Function

Originally was an interstellar spaceship, meant to trade between star systems with decade-long voyages, as no FTL existed at the time. Served that purpose for a while. Nowadays, it is a home for Nex.


7 kilometers long, and with a cross-section diameter of 800m on average. Interior is made up of thousands of rooms and chambers, each configurable with any purpose.


  • Shuttle bays, some covered.
  • Large hangar
  • several airlocks
  • Sensory & Appearance

    Mostly dark and gray. While lights function, no rooms and areas save for those inhabited by Nex are maintained or decorated. Generally neutral smell, and the only sounds are the ship's creaking and humming.




    Several areas have been retrofitted as to not be built around a rotating centre, but instead the uniform gravity of the planet.


    Industrial and very utilitarian, with large amount of machinery all over the hull. Gray.


    Many defense and offense turrets, though most inoperable.


    Constructed in 2259 as a sublight interstellar trade ship. Near the end of the Wars of Control, in 2498, the military commander Nex had gotten on board. There he functioned as a crew member, assisting with the various forms of maintanance of the ship, as well as being the primary communicator between colonies, due to his leadership past. In 2549, while the ship was orbiting Ak'Thakra, trading and doing business with the fledgling colony, a rival ship crew boarded the ship, killed most on board, and sabotaged the ships engines to slow it down, sending it to the planet below. The remaining crew was able to eject the various animatter-related equipment from the ship, and the Void Traveller crashed into the rocky wastes of the planet below. From there, all of the crew, save for Nex, left the ship to seek refuge in nearby cities. The ship has stayed where it crashed ever since.
    Founding Date
    Alternative Names
    Discount Nostalgia for Infinity
    Vehicle, Spaceship
    Parent Location
    Vehicles Present
    Owning Organization

    Cover image: The Void Traveller, on Ak'Thakra by MadToxin


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