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Ak'Thakran Commonwealth (ˈɑk.ˈtʼɑkra)

Powerful nation controlling the majority of the settlements on and habitats around Ak'Thakra. Alinged with the The Coalition of a thousand Free Worlds.

Public Agenda

The current main goal of the state is the complete unification of Ak'Thakra under their control, and later maybe Rakt'Akla, the solar system. It also also contributes to the The Coalition of a thousand Free Worlds and its military.


The capital, Khar'Ak 'Than, and the only antimatter factory in the star cluster, as well as 27 other cities. They have orbital holdings as well, in the form of defense platforms and dockyards. It also has a sizable military.


Founded in the mid-28th century in the midst of a series of wars. The nation was, and still, in part, is an amalgamation of seven previously independent nations. The first capital was a city by the name of Lakra'Sit, but the later on the city of Khar'Ak 'Than was built on the River Ak' Than, and made capital, in 2688.

Demography and Population

Largely biological humans, about 70%. Roughly 272 million people.


Controls most of Ak'Thakra, and lays claim to the entirety of the planet. Controls a large part of the habitats in orbit.


Somewhat trained and well equipped. The antimatter factory at its capital has demanded that the military improve, and so it has.

Technological Level

Less compared to more civilised worlds, as the antimatter production aspect is among the only high-tier technology on the planet. Still the most developed out of the nations in the star cluster.

Agriculture & Industry

Most agriculture is conducted in the habitable band of the planet, or in orbit. Large exporter of antimatter, as well as alloys forged with the neverending sunshine of the day side.

Trade & Transport

One of the only long-distance interstellar trade hubs in the sector.


A railway network spans a lagre portion of the planet. Air travel is also somewhat commonplace.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Predecessor Organization
Economic System
Mixed economy
Major Exports
Antimatter, which it is the sole producer of in the sector, and alloys. The study of the effects a tidally-locked world has on the enviroment are also valuable.
Major Imports
Sandskimmers and water. Water is mostly harvested in-system from various asteroids.
Neighboring Nations


Both states are Coalition-Alinged


The Ak'Thakran Commonwealth is a central Coalition-alinged state in the region.

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