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Khar'Ak 'Than (ˈkʼɑrˈɑkʼˈtɑn)

Capital of The Ak'Thakran Commonwealth, population 13 million, houses antimatter factory. Despite being the official capital, it is only the 18th most populated city in the Commonwealth.


Primarily human, though with a not-insignificant synthetic presence. The large majority of the citizens have arabic origins aswell.


Defense cannons and airfields. There are a decent amount of forts and fortified places, as during a few wars the city has been under attack. The cannons are quite powerful, and there's a few. The airfields, too, can deploy a substantial aerial presence.

Industry & Trade

Antimatter is the top export of the city. The antimatter generation facility and its various auxiliary facilities take up an entire small village's worth of space. Other industries include alloy manufacture, as the neverending sunshine provides cheap heat, even cheaper than fusion would. Most agriculture is done elsewhere, mostly in orbit or the habitable zone. The river is also a cheap and easy way to trade with the habitable zone and its richer and more plentiful settlements.


An industrialized city with well developed infrastructure. Most notable aspects include a mass driver launch assist array, and an antimatter factory. The city also has an extensive road network, a subway system-equivalent, and a traditional spaceport. It's also a big city, with a lot of stuff.


The city is partly built on the river Ak' Than, allowing ready access to water, not that that really is an issue, but it's easier. It also allows a simple connection to the habitable band, as the river drains into one of its many lakes.


The city was founded sometime in the 2680s, after the discovery of FTL travel made a surge of immigration to the outer rim. The city was founded soon after, partly to accommodate the settlers, partly to take advantage of the sunshine. The antimatter production facilities popped up sometime later, as somewhat of a symbolic gesture, placing them in the capital.

Points of interest

There's a big tower, called the Skypiercer or the great Skypiercer, at the center of the city. A spire, some 2.6km tall. Why? Why not. It looks good. This is surrounded by smaller skyscrapers.


Suprisingly little. Most travel to the city is for work reasons, but a fair amount of people do visit solely for tourism. It is the capital, after all.


Settled on the River Ak' Than, a few thousand kilometres from the start of the habitable band, in primarily rocky and barren terrain.
"And this city used to be so pretty. Shame, really. Look, even the great Skypiercer is wrecked."


Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Dubai 2, now with actual substance
13 million
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