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Kingdom Of Anakrion (ænˈækriˈo:n)

The most influential state on Ochtotne Prime. Home of the Quaken. Affiliated with The Coalition of a thousand Free Worlds.


Organized dictatorship, with elected King who holds nearly absolute power for a period of time. The king is assisted, and partly kept in check, by the Advisory Council. This council, with three representatives from each of the 13 territories, 39 in total, advise the king in any political matters necessary. The council members are often elected from important positions within their city or the state. Still, the king holds power, and can disregard the Council entirely, although this is rare and often unwise.


Founded in the 2690s by Scintil Karkena, also known by his name as King, Rexaen Prim. Founded after the establishment of Lanfal City, this nation quickly became the most influential on the planet. It had existed prior, in a form, on Torgallon before coming to the actual planet below.

Demography and Population

Mostly robotic, as immigration is low, and the original settlers were robotic. Population is approximately 13 million.


A part of the inhabited territories on Ochtotne Prime, about 46%, including Lanfal City. The kingdom controls 13 major settlements, five cities and eight orbital habitats. It also controls other, smaller territories, both planetside and orbital. The majority of the planetside territories are on the continent of Anakrion, which is where the name originates. Controls most of the orbit and 38 of the 50 or so habitats and stations in it, large or small, including Torgallon.


Professional volunteers, but somewhat lacking in equipment. Most heavy weapons consist of railguns, and some infantry-scale weapons are even conventional weapons. The Anakrionian Defense Fleet operates 18 ships, most frigate- or cruiser-size.

Technological Level

Behind the Core Worlds and the like, but still advanced. For example, antimatter is barely ever seen on the planet, since nothing there needs it. FTL travel, too, is relegated to a few twenty or so ships, mostly tradeships.


Various religions exist in the kingdom, and none are repressed or proscecuted, save for the most dangerous of cults. Around 77% of the population is not religious, but that still leaves several million people who are. Religions vary in origin and nature, with many sects and denominations present. A sect of christianity, called the Star Seekers, are the majority religion among the religious.

Agriculture & Industry

Industrially self-sufficient. The vast majority of industry is planet-side, as the barren surface is easy to build on, logistically and structurally, Conversely, most of the agriculture, the little there is, is conducted in orbit, in small hydroponics stations.

Trade & Transport

Mostly via sandskimmers and other land vehicles. A basic railway network exists. Lanfal City has a spaceport, and surface-to-orbit trade is conducted primarily from there. Torgallon, the capital, is the only significant method of intersystem trade, the little that exists.


Railways, and roads. Airports exists, but are rare. Most space habitats are little more than outposts or defense stations, some dedicated to farming. Only a few, such as the capital are populated and developed.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Kingdom
Predecessor Organization
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Head of State
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Post-scarcity economy
Major Exports
Industrial products. For example, sandskimmers.
Major Imports
Not much, some luxuries and the rarely necessary ftl fuel.
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Items
Organization Vehicles
Notable Members


Both states are Coalition-Alinged


The Kingdom of Anakrion is a Coalition-aligned state.

At war

Due to the Kingdom being Coalition-alinged, they are officially at war with the STUN.

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Character flag image: Flag of the Kingdom of Anakrion by Me


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