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Skejon - old (sˈkei:on)

Skejon Aesterinn

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Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Good. Somewhat more advanced a model than, say, Quaken, but less advanced than Mad. No major issues or injuries.   Curiously, this isn't Skejon's original body, in fact, he went by a different name for a while before starting to use Skejon Aesterinn again. He faked his death in the 7th Shiyoi Thunderstrucks by moving his central computer from his fighter to a new body, the one he has now. See, while biological humans use Immersive Pilot Modules, sapient synthetics can just take out their "brains" and put them inside a vehicle. This increases survivability and effectiveness, as the brain is well protected and can preform like the vehicle was its own body.

Apparel & Accessories

Two serrate, saw-toothed swords. Both have Layered Chain Generators of decent quality fitted into them.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Built aboard the Ad Astra Per Aspera in orbit above Shiyoi. Lived there for around 70 years, and in that time served in the ASTUN, specifically among the 7th Shiyoi Thunderstrucks. He later moved to Ochtotne Prime about 70 years ago, and has lived there ever since. He grew tired of the soldier's life, and wanted to get away from the wars ongoing in the region, so he faked his death and moved to Octotne Prime.


Well educated. Having lived near-ish the inner core, some 60 lightyears from Earth, the level of education he received was reasonably high. Also knows a lot of information about the general state of the world, especially flight-related things, having been a pilot.


Served in the ASTUN for some time as a fighter pilot, nowadays works as a construction overseer.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Military victories, back in the day, He's also been involved in some scuffles and fights within Lanfal City, has been successful in most, due to military training.

Mental Trauma

Not much. Of course, some standard war-related things, but not much. Most of that has already been worked through.

Intellectual Characteristics

Generally smart. No real problems or defects. Capable of thinking fast in situations. Overall smarter than Quaken.

Morality & Philosophy

Overall a decent person. Values life, avoid needless killing. While he can and does kill people, those are only in specific conditions, like self-defence or it being a necessity.

Personality Characteristics


Very much dislikes Mad, since he is a crime boss and overall a pretty terrible person. Thus, he goes along with Stringer's quest-ish mission to kill Mad. Eventually, similar to Quaken, he wants to kill Mad for his own reasons, revenge mainly.

Virtues & Personality perks

Being ex-military, he has quite a bit of knowledge on military matters, and is a skilled fighter.

Vices & Personality flaws

Often a bit too hesitant to do hard choices, even where they are absolutely necessary.


Contacts & Relations

Has a good standing within Lanfal City. Friends with at least Quaken and Jon.


Skejon - old

Friend (Important)

Towards Jon




Friend (Important)

Towards Skejon - old




Skejon was one of the first people Jon met in Lanfal city, and they befriended each other quite fast. Jon is staying at Quaken's home for the time he's on Octhotne Prime, and promises to visit again eventually, whenever he visits home again.

Wealth & Financial state

Reasonably well-off, not rich, but nowhere near poor.
Current Location
Date of Birth
Date of Death
2728 CE 2879 CE 151 years old
The Ad Astra Per Aspera, above Shiyoi
Place of Death
Aboard the Stalwart Sentinel, above Ochtotne Prime
Current Residence
Known Languages
  • Shioyi's common language, a descendant of japanese.
  • Galactic Standard.
  • Anakrionian.

  • Cover image: Skejon by MadToxin


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