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Pilot's plug

A simple, well, plug, in the back of one's skull. Can be attached to both biological or synthetic humans. Used to connect the mind of the pilot into whatever given vehicle is used. Often not used in larger vessels, due to a lack of necessity for fast reactions. The plug essentially temporarily fuses the pilot's mind with the vehicle's control interface.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A brain-computer interface, at the core. The plug allows a stable connection between the interface and the vehicle. Very much like a USB port, just for your brain. Doesn't require power, as it's just a conduit for conciousness, as it were.


Developed first in the 2320s, the plug became extremely popular in military settings, especially among fighter pilots. It was also present in many fast-paced motorsports, though some banned them.


Better control over a given vehicle. Used often on a small scale, in personal vehicles. Very common in fightercraft, as well as other fast-moving vehicles where the pilot doesn't need to exit fast, so no cars and such.
Item type
Very common within most militaries with any vehicles.
Usually a few ten grams or so.
Raw materials & Components
Generally composed of the same as any other computer, chips, wires and transistors. The structure is built with special material made for cybernetic enhancements, one that doesn't irritate the brain or skin.


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