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Gvanhla Metsnieris

The leader of Mad's Organization's research squad, and one of the four generals. He is a Mode, he is very extensively modified both with organic and cybernetic enhancements. Also a scientist, specializing in robotics though also expertised in electronics and classical physics and mechanics.  
"Don't you lecture me, you naive little upstart shit! I had visited every world in this system before even Mad was created. I was studying the secrets of reality before the Cellean empire existed. No, even before the STUN did. I fought in the fourth world war. You have nothing against me, you pathetic child."
— Gvanhla to Jon in the Lunag Ri Base.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As a Mode, Gvanhla's body is thoroughly augmented with cybernetics and organic enhancements, mainly cybernetics. Major augments include entirely cybernetic arms from the shoulder down, being entirely cybernetic from the waist down, a completely artificial ribcage, two cybernetic eyes, and much denser bones in general. Despite being a Mode, he can pass remarkably well for a normal human, since he has to work with them a lot.

Specialized Equipment

The two main weapons used by Gvanhla are his arms. He has two sets, the first for general use, and the other for dedicated combat. Both are suited for it, but the second pair is much more powerful.
The first pair has many utilities, like an foldable screen, various connectors, and such. For weapons, the left arm has Hardened plasma blades at each fingertip. The right arm has a laser installed into the index finger. It also can split in two and project a large hardened plasma blade from it.   The second pair is much larger. It extends to around Gvanhla's chest, and has a fusion reactor in the back. The arms contain plasma pulsers, which can shoot a small ball of plasma or a larger burst from the palms. To this end, the upper arms contain smaller reactors that make the plasma. The forearms also have retractable claws in them for close combat.  
Plasma-arm-set Gvanhla by Mad
Gvanhla with his combat-focused set of arms.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born on Mars, in the Sol System, Gvanhla was originally not a Mode, he only adopted the philosophy of radical body modification in his 220s. He has been a scientist for quite a while, researching and studying various topics, especially robotics. Joined Mad's side in the 2760s, largely as a good opportunity to continue his experiments with robotics.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Has made several synthetics as successful experiments. While not generally sapient, they do posess intellect enough to form strategies of attack. Many have various inhuman features, like one having mantis-style legs and another being entirely blind with a sonar-esque detection system.
Current Location
Date of Birth
2194 CE 2879 CE 685 years old
Place of Death
Lunag Ri Base
Current Residence
Lunag Ri Base, but occasionally Mad's base.
Deep blue, artificial
Dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Slightly tan
Aligned Organization

Cover image: Gvanhla


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