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Anni (ɑn:i)

Anni Silkanen

Mad's adoptive daughter and second-in-command in his organization. A capable fighter and leader.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Good. Due to the effects of her life-extending nanomachines, she looks like she is in her mid-30s or so. In very good shape, reasonably strong, high endurance.

Facial Features

A fully Cybernetic right eye, and scarring near it.

Specialized Equipment

A Hellwoven Castaway-model HAST suit, personally modified for her. Lighter than common designs of the power armour suit, but less protective.
Anni - Armoured by MadToxin

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Anni had a rough childhood. Originally named Siun Coone, she was born in the Miuo ACO habitat, but her family moved to the planetside city of Iucso before she was a year old. There, she was at the lowest rungs of the strictly hierarchical society, and her life was not great. It was only when she was 13 that a major change came her way.   The Cellean autocratic space, as always, was out conquering and subjugating territories. The two fleets that conquered the system were the 27th and the 28th - Stringer's and Mad's fleets. During the conquest, Iusco was destroyed nearly completely by one of Mad's assaults, and the girl was left orphaned. Mad then found her on the streets, and offered to take her in. She may have hated the city she grew up in, but it was still her home, and she had a level of respect for it. This did skew her opinion of the Cellean empire to the worse, but her respect for Mad skyrocketed, being the one who rescued her. From here, she would take on a new name, Anni, with her surname Silkanen being the same as Mad's.   Not long after, on the very interstellar trip after conquering the system, Mad decided not to enter stasis, and instead take the six years it would take to get to their destination raising his new daughter. Eventually, they reached their destination of the Omega-Delta 452 system, the The Omega-Delta Disaster happens, and Anni follows Mad in his endeavours, still sticking with him to this day.


Serves as the second-in-command of Mad's criminal organization, and takes care of it when he's elsewhere. Also manages the second division of said organization.

Intellectual Characteristics

Reasonably smart, though no genius.

Morality & Philosophy

While she doesn't particularily enjoy what Mad's criminal organization does, she still is part of it and takes no real issue with it.   Mad has been largely successful in imparting his love for combat into his daughter, though she does take to it differently. While both take great joy in a good fight, Mad is more calm and collected in the fight, where Anni seems almost furious, however focused she actually is.

Personality Characteristics


Fiercely loyal to Mad, not only because he's the one who raised her. Wants to see the best for his organization, and will do nearly anything toward that goal.
Current Location
Date of Birth
2510 CE 2879 CE 369 years old
Miuo ACO, above Miuo
Place of Death
Parents (Adopting)
Dim blueish-green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Somewhat pale
1.89m, 2.13 when wearing her combat suit
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
  • Sumoe, a descendant of Finnish
  • Galactic Standard
  • Old Cellean (limited skill)
  • Anakrionian

  • Cover image: Anni by MadToxin


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