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Stalwart Sentinel

One of the eight frigates in the Anakrionian Defense Fleet.   The ship's class is a Heroic-class frigate, a common ASTUN frigate, these ships are meant harass bigger ships and hunt smaller ones, often supply ships and other auxiliary vessels. Shaped like a long cylinder, with sections being larger the further back you go, as to allow all weapons sightlines. The main body is flanked by two large fusion thrusters on both ends.

Power Generation

Two fusion reactors, on both ends of the hull, emergency solar panel arrays.


A very standard configuration of a two pairs of fusion thrusters, on the front and back. In addition, there's also manouvering thrusters along the hull. The ship has no FTL drive.

Weapons & Armament

As a frigate-class warship, this ship has a decently powerful set of weapons. The main heavy-hitter is the spinal railgun, running a rough 1/3 of the ship's length. The main weapons aside from that are ten medium-power laser turrets, and twenty low-power ones. There are also a few coilgun turrets, though not many.

Armor and defense

The ship has two layers of Hardened plasma shielding, along with armour around two meters thick, with a ten or so centimeter layer of water in the middle. The ships also has a few ten point defense lasers.

Communication Tools & Systems

The ship boasts a very standard and common setup of communication equipment; directed and broad laser radio, and traditional radio.


Standard laser radars. Passive and active.

Additional & auxiliary systems

While somewhat small, the Sentinel still has space for additional systems. Assembly mechanisms and repair systems, mainly. There are also crew quarters for the 30 or so crew members.

Hangars & docked vessels

The ship has a simple shuttle bay, with five ships of verying design capable of short-range space travel as well as planetary entry and exit.
Stalwart we remain for Anakrion.
Creation Date
Owning Organization
Military Formation Usage
Current location
Common among the ASTUN, making up about 73% of all frigates in fleets.
30m at highest
Complement / Crew

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