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Anakrionian Defense Fleet

The defense fleet of the Kingdom Of Anakrion, stationed in orbit over Ochtotne Prime. Most often found docked at either Torgallon or one of the two Anakrionian shipyards. Its main role is to monitor the orbit of the planet, patrol areas, and ensure the security of habitats and stations. Is capable of in-system travel if necessary, and the two heavy cruisers have warp drives. Due to the remoteness of Ochtotne Prime, and the low population and industry, the fleet is very small, 18 ships.



Roughly 300 crewmen to operate the ships themselves, and 500 or so serving as support, logistics, and other such auxiliary roles. Most of the personell are stationed aboard Torgallon, or the various stations in use by the fleets. Most crewmen serve as maintanance aboard the ships, as the required pilots and operators ranges from four to twenty.


The fleet's weapons are mainly railguns and mid-power lasers. Missiles are in use, too, but they are mostly present on the cruisers. Unlike their ASTUN counterparts, these missiles use chemical explosives instead of the, in the sector, rare antimatter. The heaviest weapons are the two twin-linked plasma accelerator cannons on the Indomitable-class heavy cruisers.


18 ships.
  • Swift-class, the Redundant Orbit
  • Swift-class, the Quaiche
  • Swift-class, the Interrupted Rest
  • Swift-class, the Taevaanhalkoja
  • Swift-class, the Ochtotnian Restitution
  • Cornis-class, the Emissary
  • Cornis-class, the Condiceptia
  • Ehperr mk.5-class, the Courteous Spirit of Terikaeka
  • Frigates:
  • Heroic-class, the Stalwart Sentinel
  • Valiant-class, the Kalameet
  • Valiant-class, the Regardless of Purpose
  • Terminal-class, the Termination of a Long Conquest
  • Cruisers:
  • Valorous-class, the Uninvited Guest
  • Valorous-class, the Colquite
  • Jett-class, the Sherre's Hope
  • Enterrenq-class, the Ventriloquist
  • Heavy cruisers:
  • Indomitable-class, the Desolation
  • Indomitable-class, the Outlier, with good cause
  • Structure

    Each ships is commanded by a captain, who in turn receives orders from central command, housed on Torgallon. Ships operate and patrol in four detachments of four, composed of two corvettes, a frigate, and a cruiser. The heavier, more battle-oriented Indomitable-classes are kept at dock. They only ever leave if a proper military threat is present.


    Because of the small quantity of ships, and area of operation, tactics are somewhat limited. Against pirates and small fleets with less firepower and worse equipment, tactics consist mostly of overwhelming force and longer-range weapons. If a serious threat is combated, the tactics adapt. The fleet is assembled together, and the tactics mostly consist of the cruisers and two heavy cruisers holding the line and showering the enemy in heavy weapon fire and missiles, while the frigates act as screens and defend the cruisers. The corvettes harass the enemies with their superior speed and maneuverability, as well as their comparatively small size.


    Somewhat well trained, though they have not seen serious action in decades, pirates and such aside.


    Logistical Support

    Two shipyards, as well as the Torgallon spaceport serve as the docking and repair areas for the fleet.


    Two supply ships, often kept at dock. These ships use shuttles to transport supplies of all kinds to the ships. Food, water, oxygen, and hydrogen harvested from the asteroid belt, and munitions are all carried by the ships.


    As with every other aspect of the Anakrionian military in peacetime, recruits are volunteers. They volunteer for the military, and join a specific branch. They are reasonably well-trained.


    Formed from the remnants of various escorts and colony ships that ventured to Ochtotne Prime, the fleet has served for 200 years as a defensive measure for Anakrion. While many other local nations have their fleets, the Anakrionian fleet is the strongest, due to the primarily orbital-based nature of the nation. This has been a crucial part of how the kingdom has managed to become so strong on its planet. The fleet began as a mere few ships, and over time was retrofitted, upgraded and new ships brought in. The heavy cruisers, notably, were once part of the Cellean navy, and have noticably higher-tech equipment, like plasma cannons.

    Historical loyalties

    It was formed by the Kingdom of Anakrion, and it has functioned under it for as long as it has existed.
    Vehicles Used
    Overall training Level
    Assumed Veterancy


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