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Immortality-infused beverage

In the world of 850 years from now, biological immortality, curing aging, is widely available. The most common method of maintaining this immortality is via a supplement, taken roughly every week or so, usually in some kind of drink, like a morning coffee.   In most cultures and societies, this treatment is near-mandatory, if not mandatory in some, but that's not much of a concern, since the tech has been around for over 600 years and has been rigorously verified. No ill side-effects here. Still, most of these cultures start the treatment around adulthood, whatever age that might be, often near 18. That's done because it's around that age that the body has finished development, and can start to deteriorate, ever so slightly. Very common in the Core Worlds and such areas, as there the tech has been present for a while.


Less so a proper ceremomy or even celebration, and more just a practice that's become part of standard coming-of-age celebrations. After life-extending nanomachine treatments were properly developed, a lot of people incorporated them into their lives. Those that didn't, died over the century that followed. Over time, the practise became ingrained into most societies, and became the norm.


Usually done in conjunction with normal celebrations, usually as a drink, often alcoholic, if that's part of the culture. That drink is infused with an amount of the nanomachines, which will reside in the person's body for a week or so, repairing or destroying faulty cells. Then another dose will have to be administered after that week. Practices vary, but it's in there somewhere for most.   It's become so ingrained in society, especially more inner core society, to do this, it's like wishing someone a happy birthday on their birthday, just kind of a given.

Components and tools

Nanomachines. Usually in a drink. That's the standard way these life-extending treatments are administered, through the mouth. The dose is in a capsule, which is put into a drink, into which it dissolves, releasing the machines, which takes a minute or so. The machines can withstand pretty high temperatures, which means that you can put them into some morning coffee or similar hot drink once a week, and many do.   The treatment is also very forgiving on missing a dose, as it's more a passive insurance than anything. Think of it like fixing a car every day. Most of the time, you wont find much to fix, and even more serious issues can wait over a few days. Same here. Most serious conditions take years to develop, and permanent, irreversible damage from aging occurs over decades.
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22 Aug, 2022 20:33

I like the detail about this habit/ritual becoming dominant because everyone who didn't do it has died out.