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The Star-Reaver

A small civilian craft designed for long range transport. Equipped with a fusion reactor, fusion thrusters, and a warp drive. An example of higher-level technology than what is commonly found in the star cluster, featuring a warp drive usually only found in large, inter-cluster tradeships. The ship was most likely brought to Ak'Thakra a few decades ago and then abandoned on the surface, where Nex found it.

Power Generation

The ship is powered by a central fusion reactor.


The Star-Reaver has five fusion thrusters, with one large one in the back, and four smaller ones at the tips of each wing, their thrust amounting to the big one's. There are also manouvering thrusters along the hull, like any other ship.   The FTL drive of the ship is its most remarkable feature. It's class 15, which is designed for a cruiser-size ship, one around a kilometer long. Safe to say, such a drive is overkill for the ship. In fact, it is so large and power-intensive, that the ship had to have its Hardened plasma shielding and life support systems removed, as it wasn't designed for an FTL drive in the first place.

Weapons & Armament

The ship is a civilian ship, so it has little in the way of weapons. Two low-power lasers is all it has, mainly meant to deter larger debris or the rare attacker.

Armor and defense

The Star-Reaver has a thin shell of armour, around half a meter thick all around. It used to have a layer of shielding, yet that was removed. The ship also has 12 point-defense laser turrets, two on each wing and four on the hull proper.

Communication Tools & Systems

Long-range and short range laser radio and broad laser radio, standard stuff.


Again, rather standard stuff. The ship has both directed and broad laser radars. It also has a thermal scanner, which was common at the time of its construction.
"Huh, this ship is suprisingly new for where it's in. But this FTL drive is way too big, it can't have all the systems still in place, can it?"
Creation Date
Decommission Date
Destruction Date
Current location
Seemingly a unique, custom-designed ship, built as a commission.
30m, 40m if wings included
20m, 40m if wings included

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