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Quaken (ˈqueiˌkn)

Quaken Kelkener

Main character person robot creature. The protagonist, who we follow through the series. Begins as a naive and somewhat excited guy, and over the story develops into a jaded and cold almost anti-hero. You know, a pretty generic story arc.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Being robotic, and Lanfal City having a good infrastructure and large robotic population, he is in good condition. No major damage or abnormalities.

Body Features

A standard model. Two arms, two legs, a head, a central hydrogen-powered fusion reactor, camera "eyes", touch sensors, standard fare. A small detail is the Pilot's plug at the back of his head. These allow seamless brain-machine (or, in this case machine-machine) interfacing between a pilot and their ship.   Also, the prevalence of String Jewelry on his body are notable. Having lived his life in Lanfal City, he follows the traditional planet-surface style of the tradition.

Identifying Characteristics

Purple torso, white head with red eyes.

Special abilities

Synthetic Battery Overdischarge. Quaken is one of a rare sort, one with absolutely no blocks of any kind in place to prevent using the ability. He isn't very aware of this, and is unconciously restricting it, but he can technically tap into it.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born, or well, built, in Lanfal City in the early 2800s, he has lived there since. Has never been particularily rich or succesfull, and has quite often gotten into bad situations or company. Has a criminal history, but is not currently wanted. Has lived planetside his whole life, and has never been to orbit once.


Basic education, but not highly trained or qualified. Living on a backwater world, the level of education available is, comparatively, not very high.


Has worked a fair bit in the past, both legally and not, but is currently unemployed.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Has lived a rather unremarkable life overall. Once walked all the way to New Suterr and back, more than 4 thousand kilometers, to prove a point to someone. Has fought in small skirmishes between gangs many times.

Failures & Embarrassments

Has been caught stealing, fighting, and various other minor crimes, and been to prison many, many times.

Intellectual Characteristics

Quite smart, though not very educated. A very fast thinker, especially in tough situations. Capable of adapting to situations, combat or not.

Morality & Philosophy

At the start, he's a pretty standard dude, morally speaking. He hold human life in decently high regard, isn't an asshole, and is generally a good person. This shifts over the course of the series, however. Due to the trauma and loss he experiences through his "adventures", he becomes jaded, indifferent, and completely determined and devoted to his goal, with no cost too great.

Personality Characteristics


Originally, he kind of "goes with the flow". Without a real objective, he follows Stringer just so he can have an adventure. Over time, he sympathizes with stringer's motivations and goals, and adopts them as his own. Later on, after Stringer dies, he becomes determined to kill Mad, at any cost.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Particularily good at combat. Capable, can survive and manage well himself. Not much experience outside his home, and the intricacies of technology are largely not his specialty.

Likes & Dislikes

While he is skilled with combat, he isn't particularily refined.  
"You have potential. A fair bit of it, and I'm fairly certain it won't take long to refine that into a really fearsome fighter. So, keep this in mind for whenever you fight someone. You learn best in a life-or-death situation, but you should refine that afterwards, consolidate your discoveries, as it were. You might rival me in skill and combat ability, but you need to work for it."

Virtues & Personality perks

Is extremely determined if need be. Capable fighter, smart, all around pretty dependable.

Vices & Personality flaws

Very naivé, doesn't have much experience or knowledge outside of his home. Some things, like the intricacies of space travel or advanced technology are entirely foreign to him.


Contacts & Relations

Great friends with Skejon. Outside of that, not much at the start.

Social Aptitude

Competent at social interaction. A pretty standard guy.



Friend (Vital)

Towards Skejon




Friend (Vital)

Towards Quaken




Student/follower/generally admirer (Vital)

Towards Stringer




Mentor (Important)

Towards Quaken




Enemy (Vital)

Towards Mad




Villain/target/enemy (Important)

Towards Quaken




Subject (Important)

Towards Rexilis




King (Trivial)

Towards Quaken



Wealth & Financial state

Not very wealthy.
Current Location
Date of Birth
Year of Birth
2806 CE 70 Years old
Lanfal City
Current Residence
Bright red
Known Languages
  • Galactic Standard
  • Anakrionian
  • New Suterr's local dialect of anakrionian

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    Cover image: Quaken by MadToxin


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