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Shoulderpad allegiance denotion

A tradition formed originally on Cellea, it was a custom of marking one's right shoulder with a symbol. This symbol denoted allegiance, whether it be to a unit, a fleet, or some other military grouping. Later, with the collapse of the Cellean autocratic space, the tradition was passed on to many other such nations and cultures, including the Kingdom Of Anakrion. Stringer, Nex, Mad, Rexilis notably all have shoulderpad embellishments. A good way to determine if a community was originally under Cellean control, as the tradition was exclusively Cellean.


Formed sometime on Cellea, prior to the formation of their empire. From there, it spread with their conquests, and when the empire crumbled, the tradition remained, and was retained in many successor states and remnants.


A decoration, of extremely varied desing, shape or size, is mounted onto the subject's right shoulder. This decoration is consistent with the rest of the group, whatever that is.
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