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Champion of Cellea (sel:ea)

"'Champion of Cellea' was a highly coveted and respected rank. I was one, once. But now the autocratic state is dead, it's remains fragmented, fought over by diminutive nations and squabbling groups. So goes the cycle of empire, I suppose."
An honorary title within the Cellean autocratic space. A military title, awarded for great heroism, victories, magnificent deeds, etc. Only six people in Cellean history posessed this title.


Can theoretically be bestowed upon anyone, but often only high-ranking military personell. Ultimately, the decision lies in the hands of the Cellean triumvirate.


Some act of valour, some great victory, or similar military accomplishments. Otherwise, no real requirements, granted based on actions.


A grand ceremony is held in a local military base. The most preferred location would be Cellea itself, but due to the abcence of FTL travel in the time of the Cellean empire's existance, many ceremonies could not be held on Cellea in a reasonable timeframe.


The Champion of Cellea is a legendary figure, and their effect on any given battlefield or scenario is immense. They carry a significant amount of influence, and their main responsibility is to maintain the morale of the soldiers in their command, and to be an example of peak soldiery.


They hold great sway in any given discussion or decision, and are generally extremely well regarded.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Upon being granted the title, each champion receives a personal gift, be it from the triumvirate of a local authority.

Cultural Significance

Cellean culture is very warlike, and with this, titles like Champion of Cellea are very respected and honoured. It represents the height of a military career, and it is not granted on a whim.

Notable Holders

Stringer was granted the title, and along with it received The Orator of Ten Thousand Glorious Victories, which he would go on to use as his flagship.
Civic, Military, Generic
Gone, with the collapse of the Cellean empire.
Alternative Naming
Source of Authority
The leading triumvirate of Cellea
Length of Term
Past Holders
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