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The Great War

The diplomatic relationship between the southern kingdoms and Urtheon had been strained for a while, only held together by Urtheon's and Eleonis' Kings. The urtheonian King's heir, Laethis, on the other hand was one of the driving forces in the discord between the kingdoms. The situation escalated, when the King of Urtheon died on March 22nd (supposedly in an unfortunate accident), and his son  started conquering the lands around his own. He first went north to conquer and expand his forces.   When Laethis went to Baitha, he was met with more resistance than he'd anticipated and suffered a temporary setback, but he went on to invade Valeor successfully, though he lost a portion of his troops to the rough waters of the sea of fire. After that, he marched on Lupear, one of the three kingdoms of the south, which in the meantime had allied with the other two, Eleonis and Aguilear. The bulk of the deciding fighting happened on the plains in central Lupear, though notable battles also occurred in the northern kingdoms as well as in Baitha.   The alliance of the three kingdoms defeated Urtheon, but the king of Eleonis as well as all his offspring died in the battles. Laethis  was also killed in single combat with one of the heroes of the alliance, a Lord named Riarcos Angeleos, which ended the war. The conditions of the peace treaty were negotiated. Urtheon was forced to give up a significant portion of its lands. In Eleonis, a council of lords came together to discuss who would be their new king, and it was decided, that the throne should go to the family of Lord Riarcos Angeleos, who had ended the war but had succumbed to his wounds following the final battle. The alliance was disbanded, but the three kingdoms maintain a good relationship to this day, as they had before th great war. The Angeleos family has remained on the throne of Eleonis since.
Conflict Type
Start Date
22nd March 1106
Ending Date
16th July 1115
Conflict Result
Defeat of Urtheon

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