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Lendas Uprising

Lendas was meant to be a beacon of defiance against the Allegiance, yet it was almost crushed in a few months even with our aid. Yet the devastation caused to the city and its people still haunts me to this day. - Major Kalder Ostrem, C.D.S Armed Forces
  The Lendas Uprising was an armed rebellion within the city of Lendas with the Imperial Allegiance controlled territory of Meven Autocracy. Despite being well armed and fortified the rebellion would be underlying crushed in a span of three months.

The Conflict


Lendas for much of its history was a center of industry in the Meven Autocracy, being one of many cities being used to power the Imperial Allegiance's war machine creating weapons, vehicles, and many other things to equip its armies. Yet the people of the city finally had enough as they were often underpaid and were forced to work in dangerous working conditions, resulting in the workers of the factories signing a petition to the government for better conditions in order to work and pay for their services. Instead, the leaders of the petition were arrested and the workers were punished for their act of sedition by being forced to work in the factory without returning home for a week. It was this act that created much outrage among the workers in that city, prompting the Coalition of Democratic States to supply them with weapons and training from its covert operatives to stage a rebellion in the hopes that it would cause other to rise against their tyrants so that Coalition could also stage an invasion to finally crush the imperials once and for all once more rebellions roses up the once Lendas pushed the imperial out.


Lendas is placed back under the control of the Allegiance and the rebels surrender.


Mass damage to infrastructure leads much of the city in ruins as tens of thousands are killed rebels and civilians alike. All remaining rebels are either executed or imprisoned to become conscripted soldiers or suffer much worse fates. It would take a total of three years until much of the damage to the city was finally repaired for factories to be fully functional again.

Historical Significance

In the early morning, several groups of rebel insurgents stormed every military garrison in the city and overwhelmed many of the soldiers caught off guard, and raided their armories, any groups that failed would destroy the garrisons with high explosives than leave them alive. At the same time, the Imperial Security building was hit as well as any other government buildings throughout the city with it under rebel control in only an hour. Soon enough the rebels call themselves Lendas Freedom Front, broadcasted themselves over a live transmission, declaring their independence from the Allegiance, and quickly fortified themselves across the city with stolen weapons from the garrisons that they received from C.D.S months prior waiting for imperial forces to lay siege to the city. Not a day after the declaration an entire field army surrounded the city led by General Gorrin Elandor to see that the rebels were beaten as quickly as possible. However, the city would not be taken so easily as the rebels dug in and planned to conduct a massive guerrilla war against them. The first week alone cost imperial forces over three thousand men and several vehicles.   For two months the rebels fought tooth and nail for every street that imperial forces took from them, with ten of thousands dead in their wake. The city itself had yet to be fully occupied either as the rebels continually harassed the imperial forces with just over a quarter of the city occupied by them and estimates were estimated that the city would fall in another five months, which was unacceptable by imperial high command. This was mainly due to the fact that the city had to be retaken to restart manufacturing and the political implications would be too costly should the rebels hold out much longer and inspire other areas to rebel as well. It was due to this situation that General Elandor requested one of the Allegiance's most secretive and valuable assets, one that would not be anyone outside the Allegiances would know about until now. It was an individual or a Machine no one really knew for sure that held the rank of Tactical Commander and was simply known as Nexus and it's personal forces known as Task Force Grey. It was here that the tide of the siege would be turned thanks to this one individual with it stating it would end the uprising in a month when it arrived.   Within the first few days since its arrival, Nexus' forces and the ones he commandeered would begin to break down the rebel defenses, fighting on their own terms. Outmanuevering and turning their own defenses against them as the rebels pushed back with every command given by Nexus. Counterattacks conducted by the rebels would end in failure as the advance continued with the rebel stronghold being wiped out and their escape routed blocked off and destroyed. In three weeks much of the city was taken and many of the rebels were either dead or surrendered. With the remaining rebels, leaders were killed after a skyscraper was dropped on their headquarters to ensure the uprising was over. Just as promised a month had passed and the sieges were over as any surviving rebels were either captured or killed when they realized that all hope was lost. What was left of the city was recaptured by imperial forces and when the fighting was over, Nexus vanished just as he mysteriously arrived and leaving a greater mystery that many wanted to see destroyed. As for Lendas, any hope of freedom was lost as they were placed back in chains and made to rebuild their city and continue to produce weapons for their masters.
Conflict Type
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Conflict Result
Imperial Allegiance crushes the rebels


Imperial Forces

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Lendas Freedom Front






Put down the rebellion
Drive imperial force out of Lendas

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