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The Chronicles

10A 12/32/2036

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This world has seen many things and has suffered for it. Yet it has endured these hardships and managed to rebuild time and time again. For a world whose gods had destroyed it so long ago over petty feuds and grudges with war unlike that had never been seen before. All was lost to as the history and knowledge of the people that worship them was forever lost to them in the flames. It was not until the coming of Overlord of Creation from beyond the stars did this bloody feud end. All of them then stopped and wept to the destruction that they had brought, all except one that is. For he was the Scion of Darkness and his power grew as the conflict escalated and plugged it into his domain. His power became greater than all the gods combined and challenged the Divine One in his attempt to spread his power across the stars. But his power was no match for the power of creation and sealed away into an inescapable prison and plunged into a realm of light where he would remain for all eternity. The gods themselves were then banished to the heavens where they would no longer be allowed to intervene in the affairs of the world to this day. But this would not be the end for them.   The survivors of this conflict lost everything and were plunged into a world with no history or guidance. They warred with one another and chaos ruled overall. But with time they managed to rebuild their world with what they knew and in time the world healed itself over time. Even the gods had sent champions to deliver their will on those who still followed them. This was not the case for all of them, as the Scion though imprisoned could use some of his power when could and began to influence those to do his bidding. Thus the conflicts of darkness from time and time again would plug the world into darkness. Though his followers and evils would be pushed back time and time again. The world would change of every age that passed as more and more of the knowledge that was once lost was rediscovered. But for every age came more struggles other than the forces of darkness. Change the world more and more as many nations now hold their claim to it. Creating conflict with its inhabitants would cause more and more strife. Soon enough when the darkness and his forces return, they were more powerful than ever before.   An empire of shadows was built without anyone realizing it and grew more and more powerful as it was left unchecked. Its armies grew and laid waste to an entire continent for absolute control and committing the most unspeakable acts upon those who would defy them. Then they revealed themselves to the world and brought about a conflict which the world had not seen since the days of old. Their shadow would cover most of the world and seem unstoppable to some. Then as the light began to push it to pack as a coalition of nations formed to fight back against them. Many years of conflict had past and many lives were lost in this war of shadows. Until finally they were defeated and their masters vanquished. Peace would follow afterward for a time but not for long.   The war had taken its toll as millions of lives were lost and many countries paid costly prices to achieve victory. Soon enough the people of these nations would turn against them as new conflicts would arise and many others would face civil strife. A peace that was thought to arrive when the darkness was vanquished was had now turned into an age of chaos as the world struggle to rebuild after two decades since the conflict ended. But now it seems the shadows have not all been vanquished and have slowly been returning in secret to exact their revenge. For the brighter the light, the farther its reach becomes.