Imperial Allegiance

Those who seek the past have no future

While the world remains divided and torn apart by war we shall be the ones that shall bring order and security when the time comes to return to an age of glory and unity. - Admiral Helmen Kalgen of the Asterian Imperial Navy.


The Imperial Allegiance is a made up of series of empire that work together to see that their territories and assets are secure. But as time went by struggling members soon began to undermined the weaker ones and maintain influence of them. Creating a pyramid of the empires with the strongest being the dominant above all others and doing as they seem fit.


What Happens Inside

We are the few that have been chosen to bring in a new age of prosperity to the world and show those who stand against us the error of their ways so they can join us in world free of chaos where only order shall remain. - Imperial Propaganda
  Everything is controlled by the state and everything must be approved by it to be brought though society. Nothing is the same anywhere you go through as values differ in each empire and some restrictions my be different from one another. But militarism and imperialism make up the back bone of society as the military is valued over all other aspects of life. Propaganda is systematically used to increase this aspect as more and more people start to believe everything they say. They follow the values of the represent every that the Allegiance stands and do what they can to achieve its success, whether its working in a factory or join the military which most do. But their is no one group that controls everything for factions have divided the alliance as they believe that they should be in charge of it. This has led to a secret war within the Allegiance that very few in the public know about and is only expose in a few rare moments. These can range from assassinations to bombings in some cases which are blamed by foreign powers trying the undermine their authority. Which has lead to a xenophobic stance with other states that are not apart of the Allegiance and persecution on those who not born into it. But there are some that would defy the rule of the Allegiance as they are seen a tyrants and warmongers that abuse the people for their own means. Often working in small groups to avoid detection and undermined the government in their own way. Some do it by creating underground news documents to expose them while other go for the terrorist approach to cripple them from the inside. Either way if they are caught they are silenced permanently to avoid any more problems.

Public Agenda

To protect their territories and national sovereignty.


Unity Through Desperation

  It was a time of change as the Age of Revolutions came into being as the imperial powers began to fall apart as their territories were retracting and governments collapsing as democratic ones took their place. Creating a massive shift in power as many of these empires were no longer the dominant force that they once were and faced imminent collapse. But before some of these empires collapsed a series of messages were sent to many of them by the Asterian Imperium to join together in a meeting known as the Imperial Conference where high ranking members of each empire began to debate over what should be done about this problem. This would soon lead to the conclusion that the empires that were at the conference had only one option to survive and that was to join forces and pull together their resources. With it the Imperial Accord was signed and the Imperial Allegiance was officially formed and they quickly went to work. After many years of fighting and reorganization these empires have become more powerful than ever before. It even stopped many of these revolutions from happening for them and became more powerful than ever before. With it a new world power came into being in over a short matter of time and changed the world for many millennia to come.  

Age of Prosperity

  With their new found power it was not long after that the Allegiance began to carve its way across the world reclaiming and claiming new lands to call their own. It brought about an age of peace and prosperity for them as time went on. All feared them as they continued to influence the neighbors and enjoy the spoils of war that they took for themselves. No one would dare face them openly for a long time and those who did would be crushed with overwhelming force. But their expansion would soon be halted as their forces were being thinned out and held their current ground while maintaining the peace. This of course cost the livelihoods of the territories they conquered as the population were forced to work harder to earn their keep and any resistance they gave was put down in a heartbeat. With no one willing to stop them as their power grew at an alarming rate now seen in thousands of years. This would eventually lead to some of the most devastating conflicts that would echo throughout the ages.  

The Decline

  Things changed as the world became more and more advanced as the Allegiance began expand once more, but an ultimatum was declared by the Coaltion of Democtric States stating is they continued there aggressive expansion they would be meet with all out war. They ignored them and in doing so the first Great War had begun. Leading to years of war and destruction across multiple continents and the deaths of millions. Put once it was finally over the Allegiance lost had lost much of its power and faced massive war reparations that bankrupted them for decades to come. Leading to civil unrest and a decline in that would almost bring it to certain collapse. But in doing so the Allegiance was no longer what it used to be as they fought one another to see who was the most powerful to lead them. Leading to a series of political maneuvering and the removal of the old guard to be replaced with new groups to ensure the survival of Imperial Allegiance. This was known as the "Imperial Rebirth" that is only known to the higher up in the government as it's kept as a highly classified secret from the public to ensure that it does not look weak. A new system would be created as well called the Court of Power, that ranked the members of the Allegiance and had them placed under the stronger empires to maintain better control over resources and politics.     Nothing would be the same ever again as the empires soon began to play their own games of political intrigue against one another to assume greater power and influence over one another. Their military would greatly be reduced as well as it struggled to maintain their power over their territories, but many would separate from them. Causing their situation to become more bleak as time went by, which is why propaganda was used to keep the people on their side. Leadership greatly changed as well as many empires believed that the imperial monarchies that ruled over them for thousands of years were no longer adequate in preserving their sovereignty and were removed with force with only a few remaining. Creating new government seats to ensure that these empires did not fall further into decay and could rebuild once things could start to get better for them. This of course would take a long time to do so as the cost to rebuild and repay their debts would take over a century to do so. Only to play on the safe side to avoid arousing suspicion from the rest of the world and working in the shadows.  

The Coming Storm

    The world has changed much in the last few decades and the Allegiance has used this to their advantage in this world of chaos. They have been rebuilding their military and causing discord amongst other nations while they are preparing for their revenge. Only a few stand in their way from absolute control of the world as the world is flames while they help by adding more fuel to it. The Asterian Imperium is the current leadership of Allegiance and have earned it as they begin creating new technology and weapons to prepare for their war. Along with clearing the path of any opposition that may stand in their way with force in just the right places. Their ironclad grip ever tightening around what is in their reach and adding it to Allegiance's power. The time will soon arrive when the world will once more be consumed by an unrelenting wave that is the Imperial Allegiance that will do whatever it takes to become the sole dominant power in the world. Which all those who face them will bow before them or be crushed beneath their feet as the new world order has arrived.


The territories of the allegiance span far and wide across several different continents, combined together make up roughly a quarters of the planet in combined together.  

Member States

  Asterian Imperium: The strongest of the Allegiance in military power as they have more resources and man power above all the rest.   Meven Autocracy: From their massive factories they mass produce more products that are more reliable and durable than anywhere else.   Hox Hegemony: With their territory being mostly made up of deep valleys and a mountainous terrain they have take to the skies where they are most at home.   Kandathar Empire: Unlike most other members, this empire prefers to used machines to do their fighting for them.   Osmai Hierarchy: it takes more then skill to win a war, it takes enhancements to ensure that a soldier is kept alive.   Lemodes Sovereignty: Though they are not the most industrial, they are the most populated with most of the Allegiance military be made up by them.   Paronil Combine: Not the strongest, but the most advance the combine ahead of all the other empires combine as they continue to create more advanced marvels. They are master engineers in space craft that are both reliable and deadly.   Oberon Empire: The smallest of the Allegiance States they make up their skills creating reliable equipment that is used everywhere in the states.


Exalted Legions

  While member state have their own form of military forces, the Exalted Legions are the back bone of the Allegiance that ensure that it remains intact. There legions are made up of multiple military forces that were enlisted into the it to bluster its numbers and military capabilities by allowing for it to combine military tactic and technology to make them an effective and lethal fighting force. Along with showing it diversity among the forces that make it up by allowing it troops to uses weapons and armor and machinery that they generally use, just all painted the same color to avoid confusion on the battlefield. They are often used as a security force within the Allegiance's member states often being used to deal with insurrections and civil strife that often is seen in them instead. Often using brutal tactics to ensure that a threat is neutralized and is unable to continue fighting.  

Eternal Fleets

  No matter where you are in the Allegiance you will always find a star ship of the Eternal Fleets over a city to show its might. All the ships that make up the the fleets come from all the members of the Allegiance to create a stronger and more coordinated air force to defend and expand the Allegiance where it be from land or though the frontiers of the solar system. It vast numbers make it the one of the largest naval fleets in the world at the moment and its diverse fleet makes it more adaptable in combat with so many ship designs in it. But it is also its weakness as it is unable to fully face a strong and disciplined fleet as the chain of command is complex and can cause confusion. Which is why they make it up with their overwhelming numbers to ensure that they achieve victory.

Foreign Relations

Order is Peace, Power is Strength

Founding Date
6E 6536
Political, Alliance
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Allegiance Credits

Influence of Conflict

  While unable to declare war due to current world treaties the Allegiance has devised a way to spread it influence through armed conflicts across the world. Most of which are proxy wars, coups and rebellions to expand their influence. Often funding these forces without dated weaponry and equipment to fight them and to increase their chances of winning. Those that succeed are often taken over by the Allegiance often by claiming that it is force the security of the region or that the territory wishes to join.  

Unstable Control

  On the outside everything seems to been stable within the Allegiance, but the truth is that each one is dealing with constant infighting amongst themselves and their populations as factions and insurgent cells are scattered all through out them. Often causing regions to become war zones over night. These of course are keep hidden by the government control media to make it look like none of this is happening. All the while these groups use their resources to obtain dominance over one another for only the strong survive here.  

Illusion of Freedom

  The Allegiance is a place that is built upon the dying ways of failing empires that have long ago should have fallen, but the only thing that keeps it going it stubbornness and military might over others. Often brainwashing their populations to support their cause into believing they are doing the right thing for their homeland. When the fact is they have no freedom to choose and it is forced on them by those who run the government. With everything they are doing is nothing more than their lives being influenced to ensure that the state prospers over their own citizens. Anyone who ever discovers the truth are often silenced.


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