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Emoilorend's Agreement

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The Reconstruction saw an end to an era in Vnou civilization and a huge cultural shift. It brought an end to many family bloodlines and toppled entire regimes. It was obvious toward the end of the conflict that the previous status quo could not continue - that things had to be different going forward. There was a fraction of the nobility left that had been previously established. That meant those left had to figure out their place in this new world order.

Emoilorend Drahinuaw

Emoilorend has gone down in history as the last remaining Drahinuaw Zmutwe of the conflict. He was the one who faced off with the other surviving nobility and secured a place for the Drahinuaw name. As tends to be custom in regards to vnou record, not much is mentioned of his Bya and brother Keleashuet. His role and importance in Emoilorend's life and to the cause in general isn't ever spoke of.



Emoilorend's meeting with the other nobility was a bluff - a declaration that Drahinuaw was stronger than they truly were and could put up more of a fight if it was necessary. Since most wanted an end to the conflict, and the Drahinuaw family had been one of the better informed during the conflict, it was believed that they had more forces than anyone truly knew of. That air of uncertainty coupled with Emoilorend's unwaivering confidence secured the Drahinuaw name as one of the powerful few to be remembered.

It hadn’t stopped raining over the last week. Like the weather was playing the end to the era, drowning out the misery. Attempting to wash it all away. If only it were that simple.   Timing, weather, lack of communication – so many things had resulted in Emoilorend not being there when everything had fallen apart. Would it have made a difference? He thought so. Given the mental aptitude of those present… < Or we can be thankful that you weren’t lost in the whole mess, > his brother reminded, his mental presence acid cutting through the somber thoughts. Drawing Emoilorend out of his contemplations. He looked at the door across from the dark study just as it opened.   He had never said it aloud, but part of his hesitancy and why he was thankful he hadn’t been there was Keleashuet. Emoilorend couldn’t imagine risking his brother, not even for the rest of the world…   Keleashuet was but a couple years younger than him but they were of the same height. Only their red eyes gave a hint they were related. Emoilorend was lean and refined, dressed smart in button downs and vests with slender framed glasses. His younger brother was infinitely more casual and spoke with a careless slang. Keleashuet’s white hair was a choppy mess that fell around his ears while Emoilorend was always neatly groomed.   They couldn’t have been more opposing upon first glance.   Keleashuet crossed the dim room and crouched in front of his brother. Seeing him despite the sharp shadows and dim oil lamp light. “What’s done is done, Emoil. The question, now, is what do we do?” His voice cut the established quiet in that same devil-may-care tone he took with everything. The world had fallen down around them and it still hadn’t seemed to bother Keleashuet.   “We surrender.” That seemed obvious.   Keleashuet shoved at his brother’s leg as he stood. For the moment towering over his seated brother. A dark specter in the library. “Sure. But that doesn’t mean we have to lose everything in the process.”
No Bya would be invited to such a meeting and, if he was being honest, no Dha would have brought an obvious weakness. Most didn’t even want the face of their Connected broadcasted, let alone presented to a supposed council of those who might become enemies in the future.   That didn’t stop Keleasthuet from attending in his own way. He sat on the rooftop of the cathedral across from the abandoned parliament building where said meeting was meant to take place. He’d already spied three different carriages drop off different people a street or so away, in different locations. Different members of the supposed winners.   Were they as bad off as Keleasthuet’s own family? The various sources he’d used for information had been broken during the most recent conflict so it made getting reliable intel difficult. From what he understood, though, was that he and his brother’s family had suffered more so than the others. The only real bargaining chip they had, then, was Emoilorend. His brother was smart, talented, and powerful. When he could be moved to actually use that talent.   Like Emoilorend, the others entered the building alone though they too had left attendants scattered around the streets. Back up, should it be necessary. Just because this was supposed to be a peace-talk didn’t mean that’s how it’d end.   < Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it. > A reassuring thought from his brother, who was supposed to be paying attention to what he was doing and not minding whatever it was Keleasthuet was thinking. He’d yell at Emoil later. When he wasn’t in such a life-or-death meeting.   Leave it to Emoilorend to worry about Keleasthuet when it was their entire family’s legacy on the line.

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