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The Assassination of Linda Ericsson

You've arrived at Banting and Sons, Morticians in the village of Bree, just outside Southport in Sudland, sent there by Baron Minoru Tachibana Meiling to investigate the mysterious death of Linda Ericsson, niece of Minister Arnold Ericsson of the Bree Druikminster.   You are greeted by Morton Banting: "Ah, yes. We have recently hosted several other investigators. Please, follow me. Mother is in the cellar, attending to other guests."   Arriving in the cellar, only Morticia Banting is there, other than corpses in various states of dismemberment and/or embalming. Apparently, the corpses are the other "guests." She is busy draining the blood from a recently deceased body. Despite the cold temperatures in the cellar, the smell of blood, decay, and embalming solutions is nearly overwhelming. You begin to feel dizzy and start retching.   Leaving the corpse she was working on, Morticia Banting greets you, "Welcome to Banting and Sons. Please, do not fret, dear. Your reaction is common to those unused to the portraits and fragrances of death." She then leads you to the body of Linda Ericsson. She says, "Poor dear. Assassinated like this in her youth. She died quickly and in little pain, if anything good can be said about such a tragic ending."   Puzzled by Morticia Banting's statement, you ask, "How do you know she was assassinated?" Morticia answers, "The assassin knew exactly where and how to strike to immediately kill her, without her making a sound or putting up any struggle. Only a trained assassin would know how and be able to strike her thus. The wound also was made by an assassin's blade, very sharp, thin, flat, and strong. I think such a blade could only be made from high-quality steel, not copper or bronze."   You ask Morticia Banting if anything suspicious was found on her body, She answers, "In fact, yes. In a pocket of her clothing was a piece of paper with a symbol on it. The symbol was complicated, made of interlocking ellipses outlined in black, with three red diamonds in their center. The investigators from Southport didn't know what it meant, but they took it with them. That's all we found that might be considered unusual."   You thank Morticia Banting for the information she has provided. Morton Banting says, "Please, follow me" and leads you to the exit. As you leave, he gives a small smile and says, "We look forward to welcoming you again as our guest in the future. Goodbye."  
Zemiria Diriat'Alierma kneels before her mother, Luaraenil Tygowriat'Alierma, high matron of House Alierma, and the Gowriat matrons of the House. The Tygowriat says to her, "Zemiria Diriat, we adjudge you ready to become an Aelriat of the House. You are now Zemiria Aelriat'Alierma. You have overcome the Trials of Ascension and are provisionally named a Shadow of The Night of Apopshe. Rise, and receive your Bharana."   Zemiria Aelriat'Alierma rises to her feet. Her mother, the Tygowriat presents to her a knife made of the highest-quality steel. The blade is smooth and thin, exquisitely polished, about six inches long and an inch wide, coming to a sharp, symmetrical point. The hilt is made of polished red bloodwood with an engraved steel guard and pommel. It is the finest assassin's blade she has ever seen, and she is filled with pride, nearly bringing her to tears. She is eager for it to taste its first blood and vows to keep it with her always.   The Tygowriat says to her, "Before you are affirmed as Aelriat and Shadow, you must again prove yourself capable and worthy of your station in The Night of Apopshe, House Alierma and as daughter of the Tygowriat. House Alierma demands your obedience. You will complete the task we now command you or die in the attempt."   Asuha Gowriat'Alierma, Umbral of The Night of Apopshe, and her aunt, says to her, "In the round ear village called Bree, just north of their port city named Southport, across the Black Dragon Sea lives a round ear woman named Linda Ericsson. She poses as an assistant to Minister Arnold Ericsson, worshipper of the avaricious and pathetic Druikshe. In reality, she is a spy and lackey of Directorate Seven, reporting to her aunt, Anne Kristen Ericsson, the coordinator of the Directorate in Southport. Directorate Seven is the covert arm of King Einar Tachibana Larssen and his government. The Directorate and its operators in Sudland, especially Anne Ericsson and her niece, have become odious to us and a thorn in our sides. Go to the village called Bree and kill her to send a message to the king of the round ears in Sudland and his Directorate. Leave this symbol of The Night of Apopshe on her body. Most of the round ears will not know it, but those of Directorate Seven will understand. Leave no other clues. Then return here to be affirmed. Do you understand?"   Zemiria Aelriat'Alierma says, "Yes, I understand, and will complete this task without fail."   The Tygowriat says to her, "We have commanded this task. Complete it or die in the attempt. Go now."
Linda Ericsson
Zemiria Aelriat'alierma
Zemiria Aelriat'alierma by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Zemiria Aelriat'Alierma
Zemiria Aelriat'alierma's Dagger
Zemiria Aelriat'alierma's Dagger by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Zemiria's assassin's blade
Morton Banting
Morticia Banting
Morticia Banting by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Morticia Banting
Luaraenil Tygowriat'Alierma
Asuha Gowriat'Alierma
Asuha Gowriat'Alierma by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Asuha Gowriat'Alierma
Conflict Type
Covert Operation

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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