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Directorate Seven

Directorate Seven is the secret service of King Einar Tachibana Larssen and the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Sudland. It is named "Directorate Seven" because it is the seventh department of Sudland's government, besides those headed by the six members of The King's Council.   Directorate Seven's tentacles reach into every corner and crevice of Sudland and even into most every country and region of Derkomai. There are Directorate Seven spies and assassins in most every organization in Sudland, including the Bridge Keepers and Ferrymen's Guild, Southland Cartermen, the Southmarch Rangers, the Tachibana-Larssen Royal Guards, the Royal and Noble Attendants of the Southern Star, and the Royal Escorts of the Southern Star, as well as police and guard units throughout Sudland.
Government, Secret Service
Controlled Territories

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