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Southmarch Rangers

The Southmarch Rangers patrol the roads and wilds of Sudland and surrounding areas. The Rangers primarily work alone or in small groups of two or three. When needed, they can call on the regular troops of The Royal Army of Sudland for assistance in dealing with problems.


The Southmarch Rangers are a far-flung organization; though they are based in Daskar and report to The Royal Army of Sudland, they mostly operate independently. The Commandant of the Southmarch Rangers, Erik D'Anjou, leads the Rangers. Each base of the Southmarch Rangers, like that at Ferrytown, has a Base Commander. Under each Base Commander are Ranger Patrollers, Scout Rangers, Armory Rangers, and Signals Rangers.

Public Agenda

The Southmarch Rangers patrol and guard the roads, highways, and wildlands of Sudland and beyond.   Ranger Patrollers watch the coastline and roads, protecting the people of Sudland from bandits, pirates, and other riffraff, and serve as law enforcement, and even as judges in small, out-of-the-way towns and villages.   Scout Rangers patrol the wildlands of the country and beyond, into the Southern Wilds, The Impassable Jungle, the mountains of the Great Southern Range, and even further afield, gathering intelligence about events of potential interest to the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Sudland and the intentions of Sudlands neighbors.   Armory Rangers serve the Patrollers and Scouts, making sure they are adequately provisioned and equipped for their duties.   Signals Rangers maintain means of communication between the Ranger bases and the Patrollers and Scouts, between the Ranger bases scattered throughout Sudland and elsewhere on Derkomai, and between the Royal Family, especially King Einar Tachibana Larssen and the Commandant of the Southmarch Rangers.


The Southmarch Rangers follow several of the deities of Derkomai. Many follow The Tabernacle of T'ung She in hope of good weather on their journeys. As Rangers that spend much of their time in the natural world, many are devoted to Druikminster and The Chantry of Laidleshe. The The Sanctuary of Baiyamuta has many devotees among the Ranger Patrollers. Signals Rangers are often followers of The Vestry of Valamarashe. There are also some Gasyendithites among the Rangers.


Rangers are typically drawn from young people living in the smaller towns and villages scattered across Sudland. They often live closer to the land and understand its workings and rhythms better than those raised in the larger cities. Ranger Patrollers that visit the smaller towns and cities encourage promising young people to apply to work for the Southmarch Rangers with the local Ranger base commander. Those that the Commander deems suitable make their way to Daskar, where there is a Ranger training base and academy. Those that pass the rigorous and lengthy course of study and training then become Ranger Troopers, the lowest rank of the Rangers, and are assigned to a base, usually far from their home town or village.
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