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Ferrytown is a small outpost village and base of Sudland lying across The West Border River from West Ferry.


Ferrytown is a Human village. The population of the town is composed of about 150 rangers of the Southmarch Rangers and 300 townspeople, most of which are either fishermen or hunters, or craftspeople and others that work for the rangers.


The Duke of Sudkoku, Duke Valdemar Tachibana Larssen, is the de jure ruler of Ferrytown, but the de facto ruler is the Scout Commander of the Southmarch Rangers, Erik D'Anjou. The Scout Commander and the Rangers act as law enforcers and administrators of the village.


The entire village is surrounded by a ditch outside a high, packed earth rampart topped by a wooden palisade wall about 15 feet (4.5 meters) tall made of large logs buried upright within the berm, tied together with thick ropes to prevent them from being easily pulled apart or toppled. The top ends of the logs are sharpened to a point. There is a single large wooden gate with wooden watchtowers about 25 feet (7.5 meters) in height on either side of the gate. The base of the Southmarch Rangers is within a stout and well-protected wooden palisade made of buried wooden logs, also sharpened to a point, about 20 feet (6 meters) tall, on the side of the village toward the The West Border River, within the berm and outer wall. It serves as the last line of defense for the village. The stockade of the ranger base has fighting towers spaced along its perimeter where archers and lookouts are stationed.

Industry & Trade

Ferrytown has little industry besides some basic crafting. The Southmarch Rangers maintain a blacksmith and armorer for making light armor and weapons, a bowyer, a fletcher, a tailor and leathermaker, and some other craftspeople that supply them with their gear, as well as making basic goods for the people of the town. Besides the Rangers, there are a number of fishermen and hunters that live in Ferrytown, and there are also a small number of farming families that maintain small farms just outside the stockade walls of the city.


There is a major base of the Southmarch Rangers in Ferrytown. There is also a market and trading post, as well as docks for fishing boats and ferry boats in the village. Ferrymen can be hired to carry travelers to and from the town of West Ferry across The West Border River.


Most buildings are built from logs and lumber from trees harvested from the surrounding area. Some buildings have stone foundations.


Ferrytown is built on a small area of higher ground along the bank of The West Border River that is less prone to flooding than the surrounding lowlands. Much of the land immediately around the village is low, wet, and marshy. The Southmarch Rangers know the few dry paths leading into the Southern Wilds.
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