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Southern Wilds

The Southern Wilds are a mostly unpopulated region between Sudland and Koyon, between the Great Southern Range and the northern shores of Black Dragon Sea, east of the The West Border River and west of the Amir River.   Though it lies between the two Human countries, neither Koyon nor Sudland has been able to establish control over the Southern Wilds. Along the foothills of the Great Southern Range, there are substantial numbers of Orkrim and some Dwarvirim settlements, while along the coast and in the inland forests there are many Elvirim villages. There are rumors of Naiadrim, Dryadrim, and Faerim living in the Southern Wilds.   Sudland maintains one small base and village on the eastern edge of the Southern Wilds, Ferrytown, which lies on the western bank at the mouth of The West Border River, across the river from West Ferry.


The geography of the Southern Wilds is similar to that of western Sudland and Koyon, gradually rising from the coast toward the high mountains of the Great Southern Range. In the north, the foothills of the Great Southern Range are cut by many swift-flowing streams and small rivers fed by springs, artesian aquifers, and snowmelt cascading down deep and rugged valleys. Most of those streams and rivers eventually flow into branches of the East Border River or Amir River. The central area is covered by forests, meadows, and some grasslands. The coast is subtropical, with sandy beaches separated by headlands, and many saltmarshes, bogs, and swamps near where rivers flow into the sea.


The ecosystem of the Southern Wilds is incredibly varied, changing drastically based on elevation, from warm coastal beaches, saltmarshes, and river deltas, to jungles and tropical forests, to grasslands and meadows, to high valleys cut by swift streams and rivers, to lower mountain slopes covered by wildflowers in the summer and snow in the winter, to the high rocky mountains and peaks far above the treeline, with little vegetation and perpetual snowfields and glaciers. The plant and animal life found in the Southern Wilds is as diverse as the landscape. The terrain of the high foothills, eroded by the fast-flowing streams and small rivers into steep canyons and valleys separated by high peaks, has led to a huge number of isolated subspecies of animals and plants found only in one or a few of those canyons and valleys, and nowhere else on Derkomai.   There are rumors of many Okkurim living in the Southern Wilds. It is said that Naiadrim protect the many springs, pools, streams, and swift rivers, and Dryadrim guard the jungles and forests, and there are many Faerim in the meadows, grasslands, and fields of wildflowers.


The basic climate at sea level of the Southern Wilds is much like that of Koyon, warm, but not hot, somewhat dry, but not desolate or desert. On Earth, it would be considered a warm Mediterranean climate. From the coast towards the Great Southern Range, the elevation rises, and the climate gets generally cooler and drier.
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Sudyel Svang
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