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Koyon lies on the northwestern shores of the Black Dragon Sea, east and south of the location where the Great Southern Range juts east from the The Great Western Mountains. As it is protected by high mountains to the west and north, Koyon has a mild, semi-tropical climate. It would be extremely dry, but many streams and rivers flowing out of the mountains ensure that the land is well-watered.   Koyon is bordered on the east by the Amir River, which separates Koyon from the Southern Wilds. It is fed by several branches coming out of the Great Southern Range. Beyond the Southern Wilds lies Sudland. The northern border of Koyon is the impassable mountains of the Great Southern Range. To the west are the equally impassable heights of the Great Western Mountains. On the southwest, east of the Great Western Mountains, Koyon is bordered by the wide and swift Dragon's Breath River flowing out of the mountains, which separates it from the inhospitable and dangerous wilds of Nyllamanne and the desert plains and mountains of Yfel beyond that.   Because of it idyllic climate and location, between spectacular high mountains and the shores of the Black Dragon Sea, the scenery of Koyon is especially beautiful; though economically, it isn't especially wealthy, as there isn't a lot of land that is ideal for farming or raising large herds of livestock. The shores of the sea are often sandy or marshy. The land rises steeply near the mountains, where there are many steep valleys cut by swift-flowing streams formed by springs. In the valleys are many isolated villages of hunters and gatherers that speak unusual dialects of Sudkou. The hunters and gatherers of the Koyon mountain villages collect valuable medicinal plants and animal products that are exported to other countries. However, most of Koyon's economy is based on fishing and on some mining in the mountains.
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