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Yfel is the domain of Edan and his followers. Nominally, the capital of Yfel is Isola, but few beings enter the halls of the Isola citadel. The administration of Yfel is carried out in the great undergound Drow Elvirim city of Isolabirre.   The central plain of Yfel is sun-baked, wind-blown desert, almost totally devoid of anything living, blasted by angry outbursts of power emanating from Edan. What life that exists there is twisted and stunted by Edan's hatred and anger. The twisted, evil creatures that manage to survive there make their way to the borders of Yfel and beyond, where they manifest their evil natures.
Western Yfel Landscape
Western Yfel Landscape by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
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Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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