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House Zaquarn

House Zaquarn is the leading royal House of the Drow Elvirim city of Isolabirre. It is lead by Sazzok Tygowriat'Zaquarn, the Tygowriat of the House.   As the leading House of Isolabirre, Zaquarn worships "Yfeljang;" that is, the god-king of Yfel, known otherwise to the people of Derkomai as Edan. The Tygowriat of House Zaquarn is the "Interface" to Edan; she is the only mortal being allowed to, or perhaps willing to, communicate directly with him. She conveys his needs and desires to the Drow of Isolabirre; the Drow fulfill them. On occasion, Edan will give the Interface direct commands. When he does, she knows she is in a perilous position, as it indicates that some need or desire of his has not been met. She must by any and all means ensure that his command is executed immediately and without fail; anything less will result in her death and a new Tygowriat of House Zaquarn being chosen.


House Zaquarn, like all Drow Elvirim noble Houses, is headed by the Tygowriat, Sazzok Tygowriat'Zaquarn. She is assisted by six Gowriat (matrons) loyal to her. Each Gowriat is responsible for a different aspect of the operations, maintenance, and people of the Drow noble house.


Drow Elvirim culture, as a whole, is rigid and ruthless. It is matriarchal; Drow females occupy all important positions of power. Male Drow are subservient to females, and even talented male Drow must not cross, or in most cases, even annoy any Drow female, with torture or death the inevitable result should they do so. A high-status noble Drow male may get away with ignoring a female Drow commoner, but even that is perilous.   Nearly all Drow males are warriors, educated only to fight. A small number of especially talented Drow males may become a Drow Magus, but even they must answer to all Drow females at or above Aelriat rank.   The noble Drow Houses often plot and scheme one another, resulting in Houses being overthrown or even cast out. Houses that are overthrown lose their power in councils, such as the governing council of Isolabirre. Houses that are cast out are banished from councils and have no say in the government of Drow cities or other settlements.


House Zaquarn worship the Yfeljang; that is, the god-king of Yfel, known to most of the people of Derkomai as Edan. Worship of Edan is accomplished by meeting his every need and desire as communicated by the Interface, the Tygowriat of the House.

Mythology & Lore

In the myths of House Zaquarn, the Yfeljang, Edan, fell from the sky into the seas of Yfel with his loved one. When his loved one was killed by Orkrim, he destroyed them all with a single word. He again demonstrated his power by creating blinding light with a word and a gesture. No being before or since has shown such power, and so no other deserves the devotion of the House. The Yfeljang has prophesied that he will return to the stars one day. House Zaquarn will follow him.
Sazzok Tygowriat'Zaquarn
Sazzok Tygowriat'Zaquarn by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Sazzok Tygowriat'Zaquarn, Tygowriat of House Zaquarn and the Interface
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Currently, House Zaquarn and House Alierma do not have major overt conflicts.

Sazzok Tygowriat'Zaquarn, Tygowriat of House Zaquarn and Luaraenil Tygowriat'Alierma, Tygowriat of House Alierma have a cool, but mutually respectful relationship. The two leading Houses of Isolabirre compete only through influence and some minor, covert operations. Of course, House Alierma covets and is jealous of the leading position of House Zaquarn and will take whatever opportunities to undermine it when they present themselves, as long as the relationship between the Houses is not seriously damaged, causing either Tygowriat embarrasment or worse, for the Yfeljang to lose patience with them.

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