Tygowriat (Tie go ree at)

Tygowriat is the title given to the high matron of a Drow Elvirim noble House. Each Drow Elvirim noble House has only one Tygowriat. The title carries familial, political, military, and religious significance.


The Tygowriat of a Drow Elvirim noble House is the foremost of the noble females of the House. The position is semi-hereditary, in that the current Tygowriat of a House will train the most promising of her daughters to take the position when she steps down or is removed. This obviously leads to conflicts amongst the daughters of the Tygowriat (when there is more than one). The Tygowriat does nothing to stop the conflicts, and often actively encourages conflicts, ensuring that the most ruthless, conniving, intelligent, and powerful survives to become the next in line. Other Drow Elvirim females of the noble House often get involved in the plots and schemes, maneuvering to secure a prominent position in the House or even to become the next Tygowriat.


Only female noble Drow Elvirim are allowed to take the Tygowriat position. Males are forbidden from becoming Tygowriat (or be given any of the other noble titles of the Drow). Even the idea of a male Tygowriat never occurs to the Drow, as the title explicitly means "noble Drow Elvirim female head of the House, high priestess, and leader of the government."   Before becoming Tygowriat, the noble Drow Elvirim female will have been a Diriat (noble girl), then an Aelriat (princess), a Medriat (priestess), and a Gowriat (matron). Commoner females (those not born of a noble House), are not allowed to become Diriat, so they cannot ever reach Tygowriat status, or be given any of the lower titles.


The Tygowriat is generally appointed by unanimous acclamation in a general assembly of the Drow House. She is chosen from among the current Gowriat (matrons) of the House. Each House has its own means of selecting the Tygowriat from the Gowriat. In a few Houses, the most senior Gowriat takes the Tygowriat position, but most often the Tygowriat position is won by threats, assassinations, and political machinations. It is not uncommon that a rash of mysterious disappearances, serious illnesses, and sudden deaths occurs among the Gowriat members of a Drow Elvirim noble House when the Tygowriat position is open or soon will be, leaving just one living Gowriat to become Tygowriat of the House.


The Tygowriat has familial, religious, political, and military duties in the House.   As the head of the House, she is responsible for discipline and promotions, and she is charged with maintaining the lineage of the House by bearing as many daughters as she can. Most disciplinary matters are handed over to one of the Gowriat; the Tygowriat is the overseer, but only gets involved in very serious disciplinary matters or those involving the Gowriat members of the House.   The Tygowriat typically has many mates. Most Drow Elvirim females begin taking mates when they reach the Aelriat rank. However, like their Elvirim cousins, Drow Elvirim females do not give birth often. Drow Elvirim males that fail to provide a noble female with a daughter frequently come to a bad end.   The Tygowriat, along with the Gowriat matrons of the House, determine when Diriat members have matured enough to become Aelriat, and determine when Aelriat are ready to become Medriat. The Tygowriat herself determines which of the Medriat will become Gowriat. That determination is based as much on loyalty as any other qualification.   As religious leader of the House, the Tygowriat leads in the rites of worship to the Safirim deity of the house. Often, the Tygowriat has connection to the Safirim through a Balim and may be granted magical/spiritual powers through appeals to the Balim.   As a political and military leader of the Drow Elvirim, the Tygowriat represents the House in conclaves and meetings of the noble Drow Houses. She furthers the interests of her House and family, her Safirim deity, and the Drow Elvirim, in general. In the great underground city of Isolabirre, each Tygowriat of the six nobles Houses sits on the ruling council of the city. However, the Tygowriat of the minor and banished Houses have little say in decisions for the city.   The Drow Elvirim are too few in number to directly confront Human military powers, or even the Dwarvirim and Orkrim. However, they frequently engage in espionage, assassinations, infiltration and other covert means of obtaining their desired ends - which is often just to sow discord and chaos to weaken opponents and enemies. Only within Yfel are the Drow Elvirim powerful enough to directly impose their will.


The Tygowriat of a House is essentially the queen of that House. All other members defer to her, and her words are law. She has a palace within the House compound, numerous servants, the finest clothes and food, and the most handsome and capable mates. The other members of the House strive to please her, as defiance of her decrees is likely to result in agony or a lingering, painful death.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Tygowriat will, like other Elvirim, have her own Drow Elvirim Bharana, which is in every case is also a powerful Omphalos. She also will carry the seal of the House and her signet ring with which she validates all documents carrying her decrees and orders.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A Tygowriat is only removed by her natural death or by assassination; however, few actually die of natural causes.
Nobility, Household
Form of Address
Tygowriat, Great Grandmother, High Priestess, Queen, High Matron
Alternative Naming
High Matron
Equates to
Length of Term

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