The Safirim (in Elvrimkou, they are known as Valar) are a species of beings with powers that appear magical or even god-like. Their true appearance is unknown. They are said to be able to take on the physical appearance of any other entity. Some believe that they are angelic, holy beings. Others say that they are Dragons. Some are reported to be demonic. There are reports of Safirim taking on all of these forms, and reports of them acting both for good and for evil. It is known that their powers for manipulating reality are far greater than those of any magic-wielder known on Derkomai. Beyond some legendary stories, very little is known of their true nature or appearance. Some believe that they do not actually exist, but are just legends. If they do exist, they must be very few in number. There are no known documented, indisputable encounters with a Safirim.   The Balim are assistants to or servants of the Safirim, with the exception of the Balim known as Shisharrim ("Messengers"), who only serve Eia’au.

Basic Information


The true physical appearance of the Safirim is unknown - or even if they have an actual physical body. They are able to take on the appearance and physical characteristics of any other being or entity.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their sensory perceptions, if they can even be said to have conventional senses, appear to be limitless. They can manipulate matter and energy at will and apparently without known limits.
Related Myths

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