The Balim (in Elvrimkou, they are known as Maiar) are said to usually appear as extremely handsome or beautiful human beings. The stories about them say that they sometimes have appeared with wings, leading to a common belief that they are able to fly. They are also said to be very strong in magical and divine powers. The legends say that they appear very rarely, leading some to believe that they are just mythical beings. Some legends say that they are assistants to or serve the Safirim, but no one knows if that is true, as there are no reliable reports of anyone ever talking to (or even seeing) a Balim.   Legends say that there are several types of Balim, including the Shisharrim and Daemorim.
A Shisharrim, a Balim messenger angel of Eia'au
Shisharrim by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
A Shisharrim, a messenger angel of Eia'au, and a type of Balim
Genetic Descendants

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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