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When a new Tygowriat in acclaimed by a noble Drow Elvirim House, she chooses the most capable and loyal of the Medriat to become Gowriat (matrons) of the House. Typically, most or all of the Gowriat of the previous Tygowriat are killed in the power struggle to become the new Tygowriat, leaving only one remaining Gowriat to be acclaimed. Thus, the new Tygowriat must choose new Gowriat to lead the House from among the Medriat. As the Medriat of the House are almost invariably highly competent, demonstrated loyalty to the new Tygowriat is typically the deciding factor in choosing new Gowriat to serve the Tygowriat.   The number of Gowriat at any given time is limited. Most Drow nobles Houses have five or six Gowriat, each of which oversees a particular function of the House, such as provisioning the House with food, drink, and clothing, educating and disciplining the Diriat and Aelriat, rites and ceremonies of worship to the House Safirim deity, and so on. Each Gowriat is assisted in those functions by a number of Medriat amd Aelriat.


To be chosen as a Gowriat, a Medriat must demonstrate both the highest degree of knowledge, competence, and capability in her field, but also proven, unwavering loyalty to the Tygowriat.


A Gowriat is chosen directly by the Tygowriat of the Drow noble House.


Gowriat are primarily overseers and managers, directing and evaluating the results obtained by the Medriat and Aelriat under them.
Nobility, Household
Form of Address
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Matron, Grandmother
Reports directly to

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