A Shadow is an operative - a spy, assassin, terrorist, seductress - of The Night of Apopshe. The Shadows are Medriat and Aelriat of the Drow Elvirim noble House Alierma.   A Shadow can be identified by a tattoo located on the inside of her left upper arm consisting of three red, connected diamonds outlined in black, A Shadow rarely lets her tattoo be seen.


Shadows are highly trained and skilled in the arts of espionage, infiltration, assassination, seduction, and survival. Before they are initiated as Shadows, they must pass rigorous training and demonstrate high proficiency in real-world situations.


Shadows are recruited from among the most capable of the Medriat and Aelriat of House Alierma. Being chosen as a Shadow of The Night of Apopshe is considered a great honor, indicating that the Medriat or Aelriat is considered a candidate for higher positions within the House.


A Shadow of the Night of Apopshe carries out the mission given to her by the Umbral without fail or dies in the attempt. There are no other options. In general, she is a spy, an assassin, a saboteur, a terrorist, an operative, or even a seductress as directed by the Umbral or the Tygowriat of House Alierma, Luaraenil Tygowriat'Alierma.


Shadows are highly regarded in House Alierma and by all Drow of Isolabirre. House Alierma provides them with the best clothing, weapons, and equipment that the House can produce or obtain. In addition, they are often allowed to keep valuables that they might acquite in the course of their missions. For example, a Shadow on a mission to collect information from a specific person through seduction might recieve gifts or money. That Shadow is allowed to keep those gifts and money. Others are able to take valuables from victims of assassination. In this way, some Shadows become quite well off.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Shadows carry high-quality weapons, often assassin's blades or daggers. They may carry other equipment needed to perform whatever mission they are assigned - poisons, small crossbows, special clothing, even writing implements and ink for copying secret materials and sending reports. They often wear clothes and makeup that conceals their unique Drow Elvirim features as best they can, allowing them to appear just as slightly-built, dark-skinned Human women.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Shadows of the The Night of Apopshe leave the organization only through promotion or death. Rarely, a Shadow may be elevated to become a Gowriat of House Alierma, in which case, she can no longer serve as a Shadow, as her duties as a Gowriat in the House will take precedence. More often, though still rarely, a Shadow will be captured or killed during her mission. A captured Shadow nearly always terminates her own life. Any Shadow that returns to Isolabirre having failed at her mission is cast into the Well of the Lost, with her name forever struck from the rolls of the Shadows of the Night and utterly forgotten.
Zemiria Aelriat'alierma
Zemiria Aelriat'alierma by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Zemiria Aelriat'alierma, a Shadow of The Night of Apopshe
Tattoo of Shadows of the Night Apopshe
Tattoo of Shadows of the Night Apopshe by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
The identifying tattoo of Shadows of The Night of Apopshe
Religious, Political
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
The Shadows are known as Golimya in the dialect of the Elvirim language spoken by the Drow.
Source of Authority
Reports directly to

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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