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An Aelriat is a noble Drow Elvirim female that has successfully completed the trials of her Trials of Ascension promoting her from Diriat rank. In the Drow Elvirim language, Aelriat literally means "princess" or "mistress," but the term carries religious, military, cultural, and political meaning.


An Aelriat has demonstrated her maturity, competence, and capability to the Gowriat and Tygowriat of her noble House, has successfully passed her Trials of Ascension and in many cases, completed an important and often dangerous task assigned to her by the Gowriat and Tygowriat of the House.

Accoutrements & Equipment

After completing the Trials of Ascension, the new Aelriat of the House will be given a Bharana by the Tygowriat. Unlike the Bharana jewelry given to Elvirim youth that have undergone the Ceremony of Ascension, Drow Elvirim Aelriat are often given a unique weapon of very high quality as a Bharana.
Nobility, Household
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Princess, Mistress
Equates to
Reports directly to

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