House Alierma

House Alierma is the second Drow Elvirim noble House of the great underground Drow city, Isolabirre, ranking only after House Zaquarn. The Tygowriat of the House is Luaraenil Tygowriat'Alierma.


House Alierma, like all Drow Elvirim noble Houses, is headed by the Tygowriat, Luaraenil Tygowriat'Alierma. She is assisted by six Gowriat (matrons) loyal to her. Each Gowriat is responsible for a different aspect of the operations, maintenance, and people of the Drow noble house.
Geopolitical, Great house
Leader Title
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Species

Currently, House Zaquarn and House Alierma do not have major overt conflicts.

Sazzok Tygowriat'Zaquarn, Tygowriat of House Zaquarn and Luaraenil Tygowriat'Alierma, Tygowriat of House Alierma have a cool, but mutually respectful relationship. The two leading Houses of Isolabirre compete only through influence and some minor, covert operations. Of course, House Alierma covets and is jealous of the leading position of House Zaquarn and will take whatever opportunities to undermine it when they present themselves, as long as the relationship between the Houses is not seriously damaged, causing either Tygowriat embarrasment or worse, for the Yfeljang to lose patience with them.

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