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East Border River

The East Border River forms the eastern boundary of Sudland, between Sudland and the eastern wild lands descending into the fens, marshes, and deep swamps of The Impassable Jungle. It originates from streams flowing out of the The Great Southern Range (Sanmak Da Sud) near Kinsanaile. At the mouth of the river lies the port city of Eastport where the East Ferry River joins it.


The East Border River originates from high mountain streams coming down from the The Great Southern Range. Its northern reaches are clear, cold, and swift, but by the time it reaches Eastport and merges with the East Ferry River, it broadens out and slows, and makes it way through the bayous and wetlands at its southern end, until it empties into the East Border Bay in the Black Dragon Sea.
Alternative Name(s)
Lynna Azmi Birre
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Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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