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Eastport (Azminto) lies on the border between Sudland and the wild lands to the east of Sudland which descend into the the swamps and marshes of The Impassable Jungle. Eastport lies on a penninsula of land between the East Border River and the South Ferry River, so it is a well-protected location; however, it is roughly 25 miles (40 km) north of the coast, and the East Border River south of the town is shallow. Being down river from Kinsanaile, Eastport serves primarily as a port for the shipment of metals, including gold, coming from mines in The Great Southern Range. Despite its advantages, its location away from the more populous regions of Sudland and the shallow waters south of the town limit its importance as a port, with most ships choosing to (or have no other option but to) sail to Southport.
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