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Southport is a walled port city on the southern coast of Southland at the mouth of the Dragon's Eye River . The population of Southport is approximately 25,000. It is the largest and most important port of Sudland, as it is directly downriver from Daskar, the capital of Sudland.   Across Dragon's Eye River from Southport is the small town of Southport Ferry. Ferry boats run from Southport Ferry to Southport (and vice versa).   To the north of Southport, outside the city walls, but within the jurisdiction of the Southport government, are a number of smaller farming villages that supply the city with food and crafted goods. The city also is supplied with food and trade goods coming from Daskar and other towns along the river and from overseas and overland trade.   Because of its position as an important port and trading city and its mild climate, Southport is a relatively wealthy city.


Southport is surrounded on three sides by cut stone and mortar walls. The walls are crenelated and have arrow loops, approximately 30 feet high and 12 feet thick. The open side of the city faces the mouth of the Dragon's Eye River. The walls extend a significant distance into the water of the river, leaving no opening. The walls form an irregular hexagon around the city. At each vertex of the hexagon is a watchtower. On the north side of the city is a single gate flanked by towers. All of the towers are about 45 tall, constructed of cut stone and mortar.


Southport is walled and has well-constructed and well-maintained infrastructure. Major streets are paved with cobblestones and have gutters. Smaller streets are crushed gravel and sand. There is an underground sewer line running along and passing under the western wall which empties into the Weston River to the west of the city, well away from the docks and piers. Within the walls there are places for the people of Southport to empty slop buckets into the sewer.   Water for Southport comes from two small rivers flowing into Dragon's Eye River. The Weston River, flows from hills to the north of Southport past small towns to the north of the city, and then along the west wall of the city, forming a moat. Pipes from the Weston River provide water to two cisterns inside the western city wall that bring water to residents of the western part of the city. The East River flows from hills and mountains to the northeast of Southport, and past the eastern side of the city, about 1/2 mile (1 km) outside of the city walls There is a dam across the river, and an aqueduct carries water from the lake behind the dam into a large reservoir inside the city walls. There is a guard station at the dam to protect the dam and the aqueduct. People of Southport obtain fresh water from the reservoir and the cisterns. There is no running water in the city; however, wealthier citizen have water delivered to their residences.   To the west of the city, just outside the city walls and across the Weston River (across the bridge at the Weston Gate) are the river docks where river boats are loaded with goods coming from larger ships at the port and from caravans and wagons from the area surrounding Southport. At the grounds north of the docks are stables for oxen and mules that pull the river boats north along the Dragon River Road toward Handaliand Daskar.   There is a long pier and breakwater that extends from the city walls out into the waters of Dragon's Eye River and a number of docks that extend from the shore toward the pier. Larger vessels are able to dock both inside and outside the pier, while smaller vessels are able to use the docks extending from the seawall at the shoreline. The variance between high and low tides at Southport is roughly three feet. The seawall is about six feet high.


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Southport lies on the northern coast of the Black Dragon Sea on the Dragon's Eye Gulf. Located at roughly 30 degrees south of the Derkomai equator, the climate of Southport is mild most of the year. Southport lies on higher ground between two rivers, the Weston River on the west side of the city, and the East River, about half a mile from the east wall of the city.   About 300 miles to the southeast of Southport in the Black Dragon Sea is the large volcanic island known as The Dragon's Eye (Derk Akshi). Clouds of ash and poisonous gases flow down the slopes of the volcano continuously. Sailing to the island is impossible, as anyone approaching the island is overcome and killed by poisonous gas, and falling ash covers any ship getting near. Occasionally, the smell of sulfur and volcanic ash settles over Southport, and clouds of ash and lightning are visible in the direction of the Dragon's Eye. These phenomena are considered bad omens by the people of Southport.


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