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Dragon River Road

The Dragon River Road runs along the east bank of Dragon's Eye River from Southport north to Handali, over Halfway Bridge, and then to Dowata. Much of the road is gravel. In a few areas it is paved with stone, especially just north of Southport, north and south of Handali, and some ways south of Dowata. It carries a significant amount of caravan and foot traffic and is regularly patrolled. As such, banditry along the road is uncommon. However, the road in the area along the southern end of Daskar Lok, where Dragon's Eye River flows out, is said to be more dangerous, with rumors of strange creatures attacking caravans.   Along the left side of the main road on top of the river levee is a path for ox and mule teams pulling river boats upriver from Southport to Dowata. The ox and mule team path is dirt, with straw and sand laid down in muddy areas.
Alternative Names
Lynna Derk Strad
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Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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