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Halfway Bridge

The Halfway Bridge (Handali) spans the Handali River at the town of Handali. Although it is large stone-arch bridge, traffic is constricted there, and the line to cross the bridge can back up for hours as caravans are inspected by the Bridge Keepers and Ferrymen's Guild and fees and taxes are collected.    The Halfway Bridge is about 1000 feet long, constructed atop 11 pillars and 12 arches, and is about 20 feet (6 meters) wide. A single caravan can pass over the bridge at one time, meaning that when several caravans are waiting to cross, they must alternate north and south bound caravans. Horses, mules, and foot traffic are able to cross when caravans are crossing.   The Bridge Keepers and Ferrymen's Guild strictly controls traffic on the bridge. Heavily laden caravan wagons are weighed so as to not overload the bridge, and heavy wagons may be assessed an extra fee to cross. As the major source of income for Royal Family of the Kingdom of Sudland and the Guild, the Bridge Keepers maintain the bridge meticulously.
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