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Bridge Keepers and Ferrymen's Guild

The Bridge Keeper's and Ferrymen's Guild is a trade guild for Sudland tradesmen that maintain and operate bridges and ferry boats, collecting tolls, ferrying passengers and cargo, making repairs to and building bridges, building ferry and river boats, and so on.


The Chief Engineer is the leader of the Bridge Keepers. The Admiral is the leader of the Ferrymen. The Architect is the overall leader of the guild. The Chief Engineer and the Admiral answer to the Architect.   In each town where there is a bridge of any kind, there is an Engineer in charge of the bridges. Each bridge is under the charge of one or more Bridge Keepers. Each Engineer supervises the Bridge Keepers, as well as Tollkeepers, Masons, and Carpenters. Tollkeepers collect tolls and taxes, and they are the paramilitary arm of the Bridge Keepers and Ferrymen's Guild. Masons and Carpenters work brick, stone, and wood. If there is only one or two bridges as a location, as is often the case, the Engineer may also be the Bridge Keeper.   In each town where there are ferries or riverboats, there is a Captain in charge of the ferries. Each ferry or riverboat is supervised by one or more Boatswains. The Boatswain oversees Navigators, Sailors, Oarsmen, and Deckhands (the Crew). On larger boats, the Boatswain may be assisted by Officers (First Mate, Second Mate). Each Captain is in charge of the Boatswains, Officers, the Crews, as well as Shipwrights and Riggers. If there is only one boat at a location, as is sometimes the case, the Captain may also be a Boatswain. Wherever there is a ferry or river boat landing, Tollkeepers are present to collect tolls and taxes and handle onloading and offloading of passengers and cargo, with the help of Deckhands.
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