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Daskar is the capital of Sudland and the primary residence of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Sudland, including King Einar Tachibana Larsson, Queen Tatsu Tachibana Larssen, Princess Masako Tachibana Larssen, Duke Henrik Tachibana Larssen, Prince Tallak Tachibana Larssen, Princess Ingrid Tachibana Larssen, and many other more distant members of the royal family and nobility.   Daskar is a very large, wealthy city. With a population of about 250,000, it is one of the largest cities of Derkomai. Surrounding Daskar are rich farmlands, mines for stone and metals of all kinds, forests full of trees suitable for lumber and animals for hunting. The docks at Eastport, Middleton, and Westport export all of those resources to all of Sudland and countries beyond. Trade goods from the south of Sudland and overseas countries come up the Dragon's Eye River (Lynna Derk Akshi) from Southport and are offloaded at the docks and transported to the shops and markets of Daskar. The large market at Middleton bustles with activity day and night. For those Humans fortunate enough to be invited, the Elvirim market enclave at the Middleton market features fine and exotic jewelry, clothes, and other goods fashioned by Elvirim craftworkers. The Highton market especially features goods coming from the northern reaches of Sudland - fresh and dried fruit, ceramic wares, metalwork, and even some goods made by Dwarvirim craftworkers.   Old Daskar is the most ancient part of Daskar. It was founded long before the reign of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Sudland, long before King Haakan Larssen defeated the forces of the former rulers of the Daskar city-state and founded the country of Sudland. Old Daskar Castle is ancient, and still stands only through diligent repair efforts. There are catacombs under the castle that are beyond ancient. Even Newcastle in Daskar New Town is very, very old - at least five hundred years old. Next to Old Daskar is the seashore known as Landing Beach. No one knows why it has that name, but it has been called Landing Beach for as long as records exist.   The areas to the west of Old Daskar are much newer, much was built up since King Haakan Larssen established his rule at Daskar over 100 years ago, though the roots of the newer areas existed at Eastport, Middleton, Highton, and other districts of what is now greater Daskar city.   After taking control of Daskar, King Haakan Larssen began work on Citadel Larssen, the seat of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Sudland. It is located on an island at the end of the peninsula that juts into Daskar Lok between Eastbay and Westbay. It is separated from the Middleton district by a wide channel that is crossed by a single wooden bridge. On the island is Citadel Larssen, the Lake Keep at the southernmost end of the island, the royal cemetary, the royal gardens, and some other outbuildings that house Tachibana-Larssen Royal Guards and servants taking care of the day-to-day needs of the royal family, the Royal and Noble Attendants of the Southern Star.   Daskar Keep is the ancient seat of the Daskar family, founders of the city. Like Old Daskar Castle, it is ancient, but members of the old Daskar royal family still reside there. After defeating the old Daskar city forces, Hakan Larssen worked diligently to coopt the old Daskar royalty and nobility, and mostly succeeded. One measure he used was to allow the Daskar royalty to maintain their residence in the keep; however, he decreed that its gates must be removed, broken walls must not be repaired, and arrow slits filled. It is guarded in perpetuity by members of the Tachibana-Larssen Royal Guards.   The Tachibana family also maintains a seat in Daskar at Point Tachibana at the western end of the city, where Tachibana Castle and its beautiful gardens were constructed. Sitting atop steep cliffs overlooking Daskar Lok, the views from Tachibana Castle are breathtaking, especially as the sun rises from the east over the lake, Point Larssen, and Point Daskar. Because of the beauty of Tachibana Castle, it is a favored place for Queen Tatsu Tachibana Larssen, the princesses, other nobles ladies, and their maids to stay. When they are in residence, all men are forbidden from setting foot on the grounds of the castle, and all of the noblewomen's protection and needs are handled by the The Royal Escorts of the Southern Star.


Eastbridge, Mukleshar, Point Daskar, Old Daskar, Daskar New Town, Eastport, Point Larssen, Middleton, Highton, Westport Shores, Westport, The Bayside West, Point Tachibana, The South Shore, The West Hills, Westfield, Middlefield, Eastfield, The Northern Fields


  • Daskar
    The city of Daskar, capital of Sudland.
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