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Daskar Lok

Daskar Lok (Lake Daskar) is a large lake in the central part of Sudland. It is a very large, deep lake, approximately 30 miles by 20 miles, with the widest axis oriented northeast by southwest. It is formed by the joining of two large rivers, Lynna Nis Derk and Lynna Azma Derk, and is drained by one large river, the Dragon's Eye River.   On the northern shores of Daskar Lok lies the capital of Sudland, Daskar, with its enormous dock and warehouse district. Many smaller towns lie along the shores, including Azmadali and Dowata. Its position in the center of the country, and the numerous port towns along its shores, as well as its direct river access to the seaport city of Southport, mean that Daskar Lok is crisscrossed by boat and barge traffic. Most of the smaller boat traffic is powered by oars, but sailboats are common, including some large two-masted sail ships of up to 40 feet in length.


Daskar Lok lies in a deep basin lying at the approximate geographic center of the The Great Southern Range, the The East Range, and the Central Range at the confluence of two large rivers, Lynna Azma Derk and Lynna Nis Derk. It is drained by the Dragon's Eye River.   The northern/northwestern shores of Daskar Lok are higher and drier than the southern shores, so the majority of towns and cities, including the capital of Sudland, Daskar, are along the northwestern shore. The port town of Dowata is on the eastern shore on a spur of higher ground.   North of Daskar Lok and north of Daskar there are many farming towns and villages that supply Daskar and the surrounding area with grain (rice, wheat, barley, and so on) and other farm products (milk, cheese, meat, etc).   Along the southern shore the land is marshy, and the lake is shallow in that area, with rich fishing grounds, enormous flocks of birds, and abundant wildlife. There are a few small hunting and fishing villages in the area. Fish and game, as well as products of fish and game (furs, feathers, and so on) are traded with other cities, towns, and villages around Daskar Lok, with the finest quality products going to the capital.   Where the Dragon's Eye River flows out of Daskar Lok, much of the surrounding lands are swamps, bogs, and marshes, subject to seasonal floods, with little inhabitable ground. Fogs and mists fill the air, even in summer. Constant drizzles and sudden rain storms plague the winter months, making visibility beyond a few feet impossible. The main channel of the river can easily be missed, and boats lost among the swamps and marshes are often never seen again.
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Lake Daskar
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