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Summer Forge

On the 39th and 40th day of the fifth month and first day of the sixth month (Samtunjoy, Syotun Masawah and Yat Masaluk), the 199th, 200th, and 201st days of the 400-day year on Derkomai, the The Forge of Honlengshe and the The Vestry of Valamarashe celebrate Summer Forge in cities, towns, and villages all over Derkomai.   The most elaborate celebration is held in Okkudo, capital of Da Therasti Okku. The largest Forge of Honlengshe is located there, where it is fired by an enormous eternal flame of Dragon's Breath flowing out from the ground under the building. Celebrations are also held at Forges of Honlengshe and Vestries of Valamarashe in other cities of Derkomai and at smithies and forges everywhere. Other large celebrations are held in Sendoshi, Daskar, Nodhabn, and Chessdo, cities known for skilled and fine craftsmanship.   The Dwarvirim also celebrate Summer Forge, as Honlengshe is one of the Safirim most favored by them.   At the Summer Forge, smiths and craftsmen bring their finest works created over the past year to the local Forge of Honlengshe or Vestry of Valamarashe, or perhaps to a local park or market, and display them in honor of Honlengshe and Valamarashe. Many are works of art are created specifically to honor the two Safirim, but many others are creative or even utilitarian works of special quality or beauty.   On the last day of larger celebrations of Summer Forge, an auction and sale is held. The larger and more elaborate works of art and high-quality items are auctioned, with proceeds going to support the local Forge or Vestry. Wealthy individuals, nobles, and royalty often bid extravagantly for the works of art, buying them to display in their homes and palaces in hope of blessings from the Safirim. Flags and banners are especially popular, as they can be hung or flown outside for others to see. Elaborate plates, bowls, and utensils of silver and gold are also favored, used to impress guests at formal dinners. Nobility and royalty also bid for high-quality steel armor and weapons. Smaller works of art and utilitarian objects are sold directly to common people, with the proceeds going to the smith or artisan, with the expectation that they will make donations to the local Forge or Vestry.   Along with the displays of forged and crafted items, performers of all kinds entertain the people, collecting offerings from audiences delighted by their work. At the larger celebrations, professional theater troupes perform, often for several days during and after Summer Forge. The Unsurpassed Artists of Theatre Magique perform at the Summer Forge celebration in either Daskar or Sendoshi on alternate years. An announcement that they will at the Summer Forge is cause for great excitement and anticipation in that city.   Because Summer Forge is such a fun and interesting event, it is popular with nearly everyone, whether or not they are devoted to Honlengshe or Valamarashe.


Smiths and artisans of all kinds make their finest works to bring to the Summer Forge celebrations.   Clerics of the Forge of Honlengshe and the Vestry of Valamarashe organize the celebrations, encouraging participation, setting up displays for the smiths and artisans, decorating the Forges and Vestries, running the auctions and sales, and so on.   Entertainers and theater troupes perform either informally in the streets around Forges and Vestries or at stages set up for them.


Summer Forge is held on the 39th and 40th day of the fifth month and first day of the sixth month (Samtunjoy, Syotun Masawah and Yat Masaluk), the 199th, 200th, and 201st days of the 400-day year on Derkomai.
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