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Rileni Elriess Shuruziat

Rileni Elriess Shuruziat (a.k.a. Rileni Medriat'Zaquarn, Rileni Elriess Elorialir Shuruziat'Athem, Rileni the Traitor)

Rileni Elriess Shuruziat, whose Drow name is Rileni Medriat'Zaquarn, is an Drow Elvirim operative and analyst for Directorate Seven. She was formerly a spy and assassin for Obsidian, the covert operatives of House Zaquarn. Among the Drow, she is called Rileni the Traitor.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Rileni Elriess Shuruziat is slight of build, but relatively strong, lithe, and beautiful. She has the genetic condition known as Corima Hlaru, or "round ears," so she has short, rounded ears like those of a Human. As an Aelriat recruit for Obsidian, she underwent a skin lightening treatment to allow her to more easily pass as an Elvirim or a Human.

Physical quirks

Rileni Elriess Shuruziat has the rare genetic condition known as Corima Hlaru, or "round ears."

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rileni was born Rileni Diriat'Zaquarn, a princess of the Drow Elvirim House Zaquarn in Isolabirre. From a young age, she was marked as one of the most promising of the Diriat of the House and expected to eventually become a Gowriat or even a future Tygowriat.   Beautiful, lithe, and intelligent, as an Aelriat, Rileni accomplished all of her assigned tasks efficiently and without fail. She was soon recruited into the elite House Zaquarn secret organization, Obsidian, where she was rigorously trained. She became an expert spy and assassin, and she had a deep understanding of all of the people and politics of the Drow of Isolabirre, enabling her to cultivate sources and allies throughout the city. At a relatively young age, Rileni was named a Medriat of House Zaquarn, becoming Rileni Medriat'Zaquarn.  
  Her head swimming and in excruciating pain, Rileni regained consciousness. An Elvirim male said to her in the Drow language, "Do not worry. You are safe, though you have suffered grievous injuries. Thankfully, Eia’au guided us to you before the Orkrim made you their lunch."   Rileni turned her head away from him. Being spoken to directly by a male, and an Elvirim male at that, was disgusting to her. He would feel the steel of her blade biting his flesh soon.   He continued, "We have dressed your wounds and set the broken bones in your arms and legs, but it will be some time before you have recovered sufficiently to move about. We will endeavour to heal you quickly and make you as comfortable as we can, but be aware that we are not fools. We know who you are, Rileni Medriat'Zaquarn, and that you are dangerous and full of hate. We hope to cure you of those maladies as well, Eia'au willing. Oh yes, I am Halueth Benialir Shuruziat'Athem, Heru Númenost of Ostnúmenoron. This is my daughter, Leilatha Elorialir Shuruziat'Athem. She will be your nurse and companion. Welcome to Taras Númenost, my home. We are praying for your complete healing."   She said, "You saved me from certain death at the hands of those Orkrim animals, and for that I thank you, but that is all you will get from me, male. Do not look at me. You are beneath my dignity.''   Leilatha, who looked to be a few years older than her, laughed and said, "Leave her to me, father. All of her wounds will be healed soon." Turning to Rileni, Leilatha said, "For now, your body and mind need rest and sleep. So, sleep, dear one." She said something that sounded like, "lórë," and touched Rileni's forehead, and she fell into a deep sleep.   Rileni's sleep was full of nightmares, dreams, and - visions? She felt the bite of the Orkrim arrow in her side when she was ambushed. She felt her wrist break when she fell, and her upper leg fracture and shatter where the Orkrim club hit her. She heard the Orkrim scream as the Elvirim drove them away from her with arrows and blades.   Later, she dreamed she was far away, among people she loved. But what was that? She understood respect and admiration, even cooperation. She knew passion and lust. But love? It made no sense, but she felt it, nonetheless.   Then she thought she heard singing and praying, and someone say, "Yes, we can save her."   When she woke up, she felt much better. Her arm, leg, and side still hurt, but the pain wasn't excruciating. Leilatha was there, and said, "Ah. You are awake. You have slept for many hours. How do you feel?" She answered, "Improved. Thank you. But why do you bother with this? We are born to be enemies." Leilatha said, "Everyone is worthy of care, yes? Why must we be enemies, when we can be friends? But first things first. Your wounds must be healed." Rileni countered, "My body will heal eventually, but we cannot change who we are." Leilatha said, "Changing oneself is often very difficult, but it is not impossible. Let us try. What do you think? Shall we be friends, Rileni?" Rileni said, "Pfah. You are a dreamer, Elvirim wench. It is impossible." But then she wondered why the Drow and Elvirim had to be enemies. Who demanded it? Why couldn't they be friends?   After some weeks, sleeping, eating, and slowly healing, Rileni was ready to begin regaining her strength. Leilatha was supporting Rileni as she started to get up and learn to walk again. Suddenly overcome, Rileni raged at her, "I still do not understand why you are doing this! No one, not even my family, has ever shown me kindness or compassion. I do not know what to do with it! In Isolabirre, I will be considered a failure, unworthy of my position and my House! I will be cast out! What do you get from this!? You know that I would kill you without a thought, if I could!"   Leilatha answered her with a smile, "Oh, Rileni. Would you really kill me? I don't think so. As for what I get out of it, well, I hope I will get a friend, Eia'au willing."   Rileni stared at her fiercely, and finally said, softly, "Yes. You are right. I would not kill you. And you are not only my friend. You are my sister. I have no others. Eia'au wills it." From then on, Rileni's life began to change, slowly.  
  After a couple of years in Ostnúmenoron, an old round ear man came to see her, accompanied by one of the round ear Scout Rangers and the Heru Númenost. She'd come across the Rangers a few times when she worked for Obsidian and knew it was best to avoid them. She felt a little afraid. What did they want?   The Heru Númenost, her adoptive father, Halueth Benialir Shuruziat'Athem said, "Torgrim Ravndal, let me introduce to you my daughter, Rileni Elriess Elorialir Shuruziat'Athem."   The Torgrim round ear said, "Ah, Rileni. A beautiful name. May I call you Rileni?" She had heard the round ears, especially the males, were ignorant of proper etiquette. It appeared that the rumor was true.   "You may call me Aranel Shuruziat'Athem if you must address me, Torgrim Ravndal," Rileni spat. "Why are you here?"   Ravndal smiled at her and said, "Very well, Miss Aranel." Rileni fumed. The round ear's ignorance of propriety was astonishing. He went on, "I represent an organization in Sudland that is very interested in someone with your background. We have work for you."   She replied testily, "What do you know of my background? Why is it interesting to you? What is your organization, and why do you think I am interested in your work?"   He replied in fluent Drow Elvrimkou, his old voice rumbling like a thunderstorm, "You are an outcast of your House, Rileni Medriat'Zaquarn, having failed at your task but not dying in the attempt. Sazzok Tygowriat'Zaquarn has demanded your life, and Obsidian and The Night of Apopshe are planning to claim it. The Shadows are hunting you. You are safe here, in Ostnúmenoron, for now, but have no purpose, and cannot leave. What will you do?"   He continued, speaking more softly in the Elvrimkou of Ostnúmenoron, "We have a place for you in our organization, Aranel Rileni Elriess Elorialir Shuruziat'Athem. You will have a purpose. You will be among friends. Yes, we are interested in your knowledge and skills, but we are also interested in you, because you are a very remarkable person."   Bemused at Rileni's stunned and terrified expression, he went on in Sudkou, apparently knowing that she would understand him, "I am the Director of Directorate Seven, and we would very much like you to join us. What do you say?"   A life with the round ears? She would look normal among them, anyway. As an Operative of Obsidian, she, of course, knew of the elite Directorate Seven and its effectiveness. More than one Operator of Obsidian had been neutralized by them. This man is their leader? How could she work for them? And what of Leilatha? Could she leave her, her sister and only friend?   As if reading her mind, Leilatha said to her, "Go, Rileni. It is Eia’au's path for you. You know it is true. I will always be here."   Yes. She did know it was true. Rileni said, "Very well, Torgrim Ravndal. I accept for now, but if I am betrayed, my blade will bite your flesh. Do not doubt it."   Torgrim smiled and said, "Indeed, I have no doubt at all. In fact, I would be disappointed if it were not so! Welcome to Directorate Seven, Rileni Elriess Shuruziat."  


Rileni Elriess Shuruziat was highly educated as a Diriat and Aelriat of House Zaquarn and an Operator of Obsidian. She reads and writes Elvrimkou and its Drow variant, as well as Sudkou, fluently. She also can understand and speak some Nodkou. She is an expert spy, observer, and assassin, and is adept at silent and secret communication techniques.


Rileni Elriess Shuruziat is an operative and analyst for Directorate Seven, having been personally recruited by Torgrim Ravndal.

Failures & Embarrassments

When given an important task by her Gowriat or Tygowriat that must be completed, an Aelriat or Medriat is given orders something like this: "Medriat, your House requires your obedience. Complete this task or die in the attempt." The order is meant literally. The Aelriat or Medriat must successfully complete the task or die trying. If she fails but does not die, she will be cast out of her House. If she returns to Isolabirre having failed, she will face judgment at the Court of Denunciation and then cast into the Well of the Lost. Rather than return to Isolabirre, most Aelriat and Medriat, having failed, choose to end their own lives or go into exile at one of the Drow Elvirim settlements far from Yfel, if they are able to travel to one.   Rileni Elriess Shuruziat was ordered to gather information on Ostnúmenoron and covertly assassinate as many of the Elvirim living there as possible. She failed at that task, falling to an Orkrim ambush, then captured by the Elvirim. Rather than ending her own life as expected, though, she turned to the Elvirim and worshipped their deity. For that failure and betrayal, among the Drow Elvirim she is known as Rileni the Traitor.

Intellectual Characteristics

Rileni Elriess Shuruziat is extremely intelligent, a brilliant observer and analyst. She also has become a deeply spiritual worshipper of Eia’au, the deity worshipped by most Elvirim.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Despite all that she has changed, Rileni Elriess Shuruziat still dislikes males looking intently at her; though, she has finally come to agree that not all are inferior to her.


Rileni Elriess Shuruziat is fastidious about cleanliness and her appearance.
Current Location
Year of Birth
9072 88 Years old
Current Residence
Large, long, blue
Long, blond, usually worn loose
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale, but originally dark brown
5'2" (157.5 cm)
91 lbs (41 kg)
Known Languages
Rileni Elriess Shuruziat is fluent in Drow Elvrimkou and the Elvrimkou of the Elvirim, as well as Sudkou. She also can understand and speak some Nodkou.

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Character Portrait image: Rileni Elriess Shuruziat by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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