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Torgrim Ravndal

Torgrim Ravndal is the head of Directorate Seven, the secret service of King Einar Tachibana Larssen. Torgrim is the son of Bastian Ravndal and Breanne Bardot. His mother was never able to accept Torgrim, as she became pregnant with him after being raped by Bastian Ravndal. King Peer Tachibana Larssen ordered that he be raised in the household of Earl Seiichi Tachibana Nilsen. As Earl Seiichi was unmarried until he was 61 years old (and then married the much younger Countess Solène Lavoisier), Torgrim was actually raised by Earl Seiichi's servants, maids, and attendants until he reached 18 years of age. When he was 18, encouraged (or ordered, depending on one's point of view) by King Peer Tachibana Larssen, Torgrim joined the Southmarch Rangers.
Year of Birth
9089 71 Years old
Ruled Locations

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Character Portrait image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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